Yoshitaka Yamaya

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Yoshitaka Yamaya
Yoshitaka Yamaya.jpg
Voice Actor Profile
Name: 山谷 祥生
Nickname: やまてぃ (Yamati)
Birthplace: Miyagi, Japan
Birthdate: February 15, 1992
Age: 31
Height: 171 cm
Blood: A
Agency: FIRST WIND production
Occupations: Voice Actor
External Links
Official Website

Yoshitaka Yamaya is the voice actor of Kyosuke Aoi. He is currently affiliated with FIRST WIND Production. His hobbies are playing games, watching movies, and helping people move out.

Radio Participation

315PRO Night!: Hosted episodes 77-88 and appeared on episode 28 as a guest.


  • He dropped out of college to follow his ambition to become a voice actor after the Tohoku earthquake in Japan made him re-evaluate his life.
  • He is good at sports and has participated in swimming, kendo, baseball, football, and handball. He has also been bungee jumping at the Macau Tower. He says that he'd like to try more "high-risk" sports in the future, such as skydiving and rock climbing.

Other Roles

A3! as Muku Sakisaka
Touken Ranbu as Toushirou Akita
Ace of Diamond as Itsuki Tadano