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UNICUS logo.png
General Unit Data
Original Name: ユニクス
Translated Name: #UNICUS
Members: Akari Tsujino
Akira Sunazuka
Riamu Yumemi
Debuted in: Cinderella Girls
Image songs: UNIQU3 VOICES!!!

#UNICUS is an idol unit appearing in Cinderella Girls and Starlight Stage. It consists of the idols Akari Tsujino, Akira Sunazuka, and Riamu Yumemi.


#UNICUS originally debuted as a unit under the name Next Newcomer, which is used for a variety of units with newly-added idols (Shin, Shiki, and Nanami would also be debuted as a Next Newcomer unit before a name was given, Treasure Triangle, for example). Following that, on September 23rd, 2019, in the 37th Idol LIVE Royale in Cinderella Girls, they would be given the temporary name of #LookingForAUnitName (#ユニット名募集中 #UnitMeiBoshuuChuu), or Unibo (ユニ募 Yunibo) for short. In September 20th, 2022, they would officially debut as a unit under the name #UNICUS as part of the event for UNIQU3 VOICES!!!.


Game Appearances

THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls

First appearance.

THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage

In-game, #UNICUS has one song: UNIQU3 VOICES!!!. It appeared as an event song but was later added to the player's list of playable songs.

Unit Costumes


  • #UNICUS' unit name, means "unique" in Latin. It is also a derivative of their previous name, as they both have the word "Uni" (ユニ Yuni) in them.
    • If pronounced in a certain way, it's also a pun for "Uniques", as in the song title.


THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage Cards

SR cards

SSR cards