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Tokiko Zaizen
Tokiko SS.png
Cinderella Girls Character Data
Name: 財前時子 (Zaizen Tokiko)
Voice actor: Unvoiced
Age: 21
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 46 kg
Birthday: April 18th
Blood type: B
Three sizes: 83-55-85 cm
Handedness: Right
Hobbies: Punishing, Cooking Pigs
Horoscope: Aries
Hometown: Nagoya
Card Type: Passion icon.png
Tokiko sigSSR.png

Tokiko Zaizen (財前時子 Zaizen Tokiko) is one of the characters available in THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls and THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage. She is currently unvoiced.


Annual Rankings

Event Prelim Rank Final Rank
1st Cinderella Girl General Election Not a candidate Not a candidate
2nd Cinderella Girl General Election Not a candidate Not a candidate
3rd Cinderella Girl General Election Unranked Unranked
4th Anniversary Voice Idol Audition Unranked Unranked
4th Cinderella Girl General Election Unranked Unranked
5th Cinderella Girl General Election Unranked Unranked
6th Cinderella Girl General Election Unranked Unranked
7th Cinderella Girl General Election Unranked Unranked
8th Cinderella Girl General Election Unranked Unranked
9th Cinderella Girl General Election Not applicable Unranked
10th Cinderella Girl General Election Not applicable Unranked
Stage for Cinderella 12 Not a candidate


THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Self-Introduction

"Looking at me with that low-life gaze… You really do have an impolite look to you. …Huh… An idol? Kukukuku… Ahahaha!! How rich! Me? As an idol? How little brain tissue do you have?! How interesting… Fine! I'll humor you! And I'll become an idol!"


"I'm Tokiko Zaizen… What else is there to say? You're as dull as a pig who doesn't know what it's doing."

Character Description

Tokiko was raised in a family of great wealth and privilege, and as a result, was afforded a lifestyle akin to that of a “princess” as she says. Her upbringing may have contributed to her personality, as it appears to have instilled in her a serious, direct, and commanding demeanor, as well as a taste for the finer things in life. She has received an excellent education and places a high value on proper social decorum, etiquette, and manners. However, one noteworthy aspect of Tokiko's character is her tendency to discipline the Producer and her fans, whom she refers to as “servants” or “pigs”. Despite this, she is not without her generosity, and is known to reward those who please her with a crack of her whip, which she affectionately refers to as a "love whip”.

Initially, Tokiko may come across as stoic or intimidating, as she tends to maintain an unimpressed expression. However, several of her fellow idols have noted that once a degree of familiarity is established, she reveals a much more approachable side. In fact, when particularly pleased, such as allocating punishment to "pigs”, she may even display a rare smile, laugh, or blush.

The Producer's first encounter with Tokiko takes place during a casual stroll. Tokiko passes by without acknowledging him, yet the Producer is immediately struck by her stunning beauty and notices that she has dropped her handkerchief. Without hesitation, he calls out to her and retrieves the lost item, in hopes of returning it. Despite the Producer's attempts to return her dropped handkerchief, Tokiko initially shows no interest in him and simply stares at him in silence. Eventually, she takes the handkerchief back, but not without scolding him for staring at her, seeming to dismiss her own actions as suitable. The Producer then expresses his admiration for her talent, which catches Tokiko's attention. Initially confused by the Producer's sudden interest in her, she remains open-minded and willing to hear him out. When the Producer suggests they go to the office, she gives him a quizzical look, prompting him to rephrase his proposal to "Would you like to go to the office?". This slight adjustment in wording pleases Tokiko, and she agrees to accompany him to the office, showing the producer a hint of her commanding personality.

Upon arriving at the office, the Producer wastes no time in expressing his desire to work with Tokiko as an idol. However, instead of accepting his offer immediately, Tokiko finds the suggestion amusing and proceeds to tease him by making him beg for the opportunity to produce her. In the end, she ultimately agrees to become an idol, but with a twist - she declares that she will become the Producer’s master, cementing her dominant personality and desire for control.

As previously stated, Tokiko displays a penchant for opulence and extravagance. In her Dominatrix Christmas card, she describes the champagne as being the “finest” and notes that she “doesn’t drink cheap liquor”. When the Producer comments on her choice of cushions in The Queen of Media card, Tokiko appears dissatisfied with the insinuation that she would select anything less than the utmost quality.

She also has a deep appreciation for luxury and beauty, often associating the two concepts. This is evident in her first SSR Queen of Queens, which depicts her indulging in a manicure and pedicure at a beauty parlor. To ensure that her nails remain immaculate, she instructs the Producer to turn the pages of her manuscript for her. She even goes so far as to suggest that a well-groomed manicure can make one's eyes sparkle; highlighting her belief that taking pride in one's appearance enhances their beauty. She has even visited a spa in the past in which she, Noa Takamine, and Miyu Mifune received fish pedicures.

Her appreciation for aesthetics also extends to her fashion sense, which is reflected in how she presents herself. Tokiko places great importance on her fashion choices and has a discerning eye for selecting high-quality items. Her Summer Beach card features a pair of sunglasses that are described as having a "celebrity look", highlighting her preference for stylish and luxurious accessories. She has also been vocal about her distaste for individuals who "lack taste", further emphasizing her refined sensibilities. In the Bathed in Moonlight card, she admires the Producer's choice of kimono but notes that she would have swiftly replaced it had it been of lesser quality. Tokiko's attention to detail and insistence on excellence serve as a testament to her impeccable standards and refined taste.

Additionally, it could be suggested that Tokiko's affinity for all things extravagant may have stemmed from her privileged upbringing. In her rare card Tokiko Zaizen, she remarks that "working for money is stupid”. The only reason she has a job, it seems, is because she sees it as "a way to kill time". In addition, she frequently mentions her travels to New York City. In her Dominatrix Christmas card, she shows the Producer the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree, expressing her appreciation for its beauty, despite having seen it many times before. Tokiko and Noriko Shiina also visit New York City as part of their sales commu, where Tokiko impresses with her "beautiful English" and ability to assist Noriko in ordering doughnuts. She has mentioned that her family owns a villa in the South of France, and this paired with her frequent trips to New York implies that she enjoyed an extremely privileged upbringing, with abundant financial resources at her disposal.

Though it is important to note, that Tokiko has rarely, if ever, mentioned her family. In her Noble Presence card, she says that “character is something that’s naturally exuded, depending on personality not upbringing” - suggesting that she believes individuals are shaped by their inherent qualities, such as their temperament, values, and attitudes, rather than external factors such as their upbringing, environment, or social status.

One of the rumours circulating in-game about Tokiko suggests that her fan club is comprised solely of sophisticated gentlemen with refined tastes, a fact that seems to be confirmed by the staggering number of gifts she receives. In her card The Queen of Media, these gifts include stylish handbags, rare perfumes, and award-winning wines, all of which speak to her love of the finer things in life.

Furthermore, Tokiko's preference for luxury may stem from her belief in the value of quality over quantity. She has expressed that "half-baked things don't mean a thing”, suggesting that she places importance on excellence and craftsmanship, as well as the effort behind one’s actions. However, it is not just extravagant gifts that impress her. Even a single fan letter can please her if it's written with sincerity. In her Bathed in Moonlight commu, she refers to a fan letter that helped her emotional performance as Kaguyahime, saying, "It's in my fan letter. How sad it is that the pigs can't see me”.

In addition to this, despite the giant pile of lavish gifts also seen in the previously mentioned commu, Tokiko only seems to interact with a stuffed animal. There’s a letter attached, which she reads, and it is noted that she “carefully” places it back onto the toy. Afterward, she asks for everything to be sent to her house, leading Misaki Etou to say that if one didn’t know Tokiko well, they’d assume she wouldn’t care about the presents her fans send.

Although Tokiko's character may be portrayed as a dominatrix archetype, she believes that people should be rewarded for their accomplishments. Additionally, Tokiko exhibits a complex personality that blends a desire for submissive behavior from the Producer with a penchant for promoting independent decision-making. This is exemplified in her second SSR, where she vocalizes her belief that “excessive loyalty is a sign of indecisive incompetence”. Instead, she values loyalty demonstrated through one's own actions. However, this attitude can prove problematic for the Producer, as evidenced by an incident in her Empress Jailer card, where he presented her with an empty box as a symbol of his loyalty and admiration, explaining that his devotion could not be expressed through material gifts alone. This backfired when Tokiko crushed the box in a fit of anger, admonishing the Producer for his empty, useless brain. Moreover, when the Producer attempted to elicit a reaction from Tokiko by using a firecracker, instead of becoming angry, she expressed her pleasure that he demonstrated independence through rebellion.

However, when interacting with fellow idols instead of the Producer, her sadistic personality softens, though she still maintains a direct manner. She is often seen with the younger idols of the production, and it is clear that Tokiko has a genuine interest in their well-being and development, which may come as a surprise to some who would assume she would be impatient with the children. Yukimi Sajo has shared on derepo that Tokiko had left some cat treats for Pero, with Nina adding that she and Tokiko played together a few days back and expressed enjoyment towards spending time with her. Additionally, Kurumi Ohnuma shared her experience with Tokiko, noting that the idol had given her a tissue after a lesson, highlighting Tokiko's attention to detail and care. Hijiri Mochizuki also shares that Tokiko had given her sweets in the past.

In addition to her kind acts, Tokiko also shows a mature and helpful side to the younger idols. During a lesson with Mai Fukuyama, Tokiko imparted valuable knowledge and advice concerning idol work. Furthermore, when Kanade expressed her eagerness to grow up, Tokiko offered her wise counsel, telling her to cherish the time she has now because she won't be able to grow back down – showing that she is a reliable mentor to her juniors. Additionally, Tokiko appears to enjoy seeing other idols taking charge and displaying their strong-willed power over others. She appeared pleased when Aiko Takamori made an attempt to dominate the producer and even commented on Arisu's potential to exert dominance.

On Valentine's Day, Tokiko even purchased chocolates for Miyu Mifune and Noa Takamine. When Miyu seemed surprised that Tokiko had prepared these gifts, Tokiko responded that it was the least she could do for those whom she approved of. However, despite her kind gesture, she still displayed her sharp tongue, commenting that Miyu had a tendency to blurt things out and inquiring if she had also done so during her time as an office worker. Tokiko seems extremely capable of expressing both kindness and criticism.

Undoubtedly, the most captivating and essential aspect of her personality is her dominant side. As mentioned earlier, her persona revels in the dynamics of the sadomasochistic relationship, a trait that she consistently displays. In her rare card Tokiko Zaizen, she finds pleasure in disciplining her fans and eliciting emotional responses from them, including tears of joy. Moreover, in the Empress Jailer card, she relishes playing the role of a prison warden, tantalizing a prisoner by teasing them with the keys just out of their reach. She takes pleasure in the prisoner's inability to retrieve the keys and escape their captivity. In the Violet Violence sales commu, she is capable of triumphing over the assault course challenge not through physical agility, but through the commanding presence she exudes. By instructing her opponent to kneel before her, she evokes a sense of elation within them, thereby compelling them to obey her directives, and leading her, Noa Takamine, and Tsukasa Kiryu to win the challenge.

Aside from her ability to discipline pigs, Tokiko is also a skilled cook who has a particular fondness for meat. She often expresses her gratitude to the producer for his hard work by rewarding him with meals. For instance, in her Noble Presence card, she eagerly anticipates savouring the finest pork and Kyoto vegetable hot pot. In her Beautiful Epicure card, she is once again dining with the Producer and describes the aroma and taste of her food as irresistible. In her Lady Tyrant card, she proudly displays a cooked pork joint and teasingly encourages the producer to fully appreciate her homemade dish by licking up the flavourful juices that have dripped onto the floor. In her Derepo interview, Tokiko was asked by fans about her pork-cooking techniques. Initially, she quipped that if the fans couldn't devise their own methods, they were second-rate. However, given their respectful and eager attitude, Tokiko thoughtfully shared her insights with them. On White Day 2023, a high-quality black Iberian pig was among the gifts she would have welcomed.

Concerning food and table manners, Tokiko is exceptionally attentive to the conduct of those in her presence and places great importance on the display of proper etiquette. She firmly believes that good manners are the sole distinguishing factor between men and pigs, and she insists that everyone around her demonstrates impeccable behaviour. When accompanying the producer, Tokiko frequently reminds him of her high standards and expectations, particularly in the presence of others. In her Noble Presence card, she urges the producer to quickly choose his meal, rather than lingering like a lowly chicken, so as not to cause any issues for the employees and she insists that he only focus on his own plate. Similarly, in her Beautiful Epicure card, she tells the producer that she has no desire to dine at the same table as a beast with no manners, indicating her desire to always maintain a certain level of decorum.

Tokiko's emphasis on manners extends beyond just the producer, as she places high importance on educating all idols in her production on proper decorum when in the presence of others. One idol who receives extra attention from Tokiko in this regard is Noriko Shiina, the younger member of their duo, Domi ◎ Donna. In their business commu Queen of Doughnuts, Noriko hurriedly insists on buying doughnuts, despite having already eaten during their job, and Tokiko scolds Noriko for her lack of consideration for others. Despite Noriko's earlier mistake, Tokiko ultimately agrees to accompany her, as Noriko takes her advice to heart and demonstrates her willingness to learn, which pleases Tokiko.

Other idols also seek out Tokiko for guidance on proper etiquette. Mika Jougasaki, for instance, asks Tokiko and Rumi Wakui to teach her manners before a celebratory dinner at a slightly upscale restaurant with the Producer. Mai Fukuyama also joins in and requests their assistance in learning basic etiquette. During their lesson, Tokiko emphasizes the importance of refraining from using phones during a meal and suggests imagining the backrest as a decorative element, to avoid slouching or sitting improperly. Tokiko reminds the idols to eat quietly and use their cutlery properly, to avoid disrupting other patrons of the restaurant. She also stresses that taking photos should be avoided during the meal, as it is essential to savour the food and the ambiance first and foremost.

In terms of her work as an idol, Tokiko has stated on multiple occasions that she would not hesitate to discard that life if she ever becomes bored with it or with the Producer. However, this should not be misconstrued as her not enjoying being an idol. Rather, it is a reflection of her personality as a realist. In her second SSR, she expressed her belief that everything will eventually perish, including glory, property, and even life itself. According to her, humans choose what suits them best to stave off boredom until they pass away. As long as the work of being an idol continues to excite and enrich her, Tokiko is committed to giving her best effort. This commitment to giving her best effort can be observed in the Bathed in Moonlight card. She was able to relate so deeply to the character of Kaguyahime that she left the script at home, having already memorized all of her lines.

Game Appearances

To view Tokiko's Cinderella Girls and Starlight Stage card data, click here.

THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls

Tokiko first appeared on December 19th, 2012 as one of the new idols in the game. Her basic card is Rare and is available in the Shizuoka Area.

Tokiko appears in the Events listed below:

THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage

Tokiko appeared on September 30th, 2016 in the game.

Tokiko appears in the Events listed below:

Media Appearances

Trivia and Fan Culture


  • It is rumored that Tokiko is a psychology major at a fancy private university.
  • Her in-universe fan club is rumored to be made up of only the most upstanding gentlemen with very refined tastes.
  • She prefers to be called Tokiko-sama (時子様), much like how Reina Koseki calls herself Reina-sama (although Reina entirely uses katakana when doing so, in opposite to Tokiko). Both idols perform together as a duo called Queens' Conflict.
    • This is sometimes used as a joke involving Mio Honda, since she likes calling other idols with nicknames she comes up with by herself.
  • She shares the same birthday with Chiyuki Kuwayama.
  • She isn't a fan of sweet drinks/food, as she is seen multiple times asking for just a black coffee.
  • One of her hobbies includes reading, and has been seen discussing books with Chinatsu Aikawa.

Fan Culture

  • Tokiko is most often depicted with Noriko Shiina, with whom she is part of the duo Domi◎Donna.
  • She is also depicted with Tsukasa Kiryu and Noa Takamine in the trio Violet Violence.
  • She is also part of the duo Cowgirl&Cow with Shizuku Oikawa.
  • Outside of her Domi◎Donna and Violet Violence units, fans sometimes group her with Hitomi Niwa, Chinami Komuro, Midori Mizuno, and Nagisa Aino, since they all hail from Aichi. This group is dubbed the Group of Aichi Prefecture Origin or Aichi-ken Shusshin-gumi (愛知県出身組) in Japanese.
  • Fanart often depicts Tokiko being surrounded by child idols and annoyed by them, though chapter 1040 of the Cinderella Girls Theater comic implies she gets along with younger idols just fine.

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