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THE iDOLM@STER relations 1
Front cover
Manga details
Original title: アイドルマスター relations(1)
Romanised title: THE iDOLM@STER relations (1)
Translated title: THE iDOLM@STER relations 1
Author: 上田夢人 (Ueda Yumehito)
Pages: 180
Size: 7.2 x 5.1 x 0.7 inches
Publication date: February 8, 2008
Publisher: Ichijinsha
ISBN: 978-4758060813

THE iDOLM@STER relations follows the story of Miki Hoshii as she joins 765 PRO and tries to win THE iDOLM@STER GRAND PRIX. It shows the events around THE iDOLM@STER (Xbox 360) storyline. 2 drama CD's were available with the Limited Edition version of both of these volumes. THE iDOLM@STER relations was serialized between March 2007 and May 2008 in Ichijinsha's Comic Rex.

Volume 1 Chapter List

00 - Prologue

Haruka Amami and Producer try to scout out Miki Hoshii to join 765 PRO. She initially refuses and runs to the city square, until she hears Chihaya Kisaragi singing Aoi Tori after she placed number 1 in a song competition. When the Producer offers to help Miki reach Chihaya's level and says he truly believes in her, Miki decides to join up with 765 PRO.


A 765 PRO unit, Namco Angel, made up of Miki Hoshii, Iori Minase, and Yukiho Hagiwara is giving a concert when Miki announces they have an important announcement. The story cuts to a previous day where the trio is walking by a record shop and spots their new album. Despite their recent success, Miki points out that they have a long way to go if they want to beat Chihaya Kisaragi. Meanwhile in the 765 PRO office, Kotori Otonashi talks about Chihaya's legendary success and her unofficial decision to be the 765 PRO representative in THE iDOLM@STER GRAND PRIX competition. Producer disagrees, saying she is only a failure to him, having been her producer in the past. She has gained many names, from "The Blue Angel" to "The Vocal Master", note the nearby Ami/Mami Futami. Later in town, Haruka notes her other nickname, "The Idol Without A Smile". Producer saddens at this, believing he was the one who caused her that nickname.

Producer finds Miki and drives her to the audition Namco Angel is taking part in when he learns that she hasn't learned any of the lyrics or the choreography for their dance. However, her relaxed yet determined attitude does manage to get him to drive her to the beach. At the same time, Makoto Kikuchi, Yayoi Takatsuki, and Ritsuko Akizuki watch Chihaya perform on TV and the remaining members of Namco Angel are waiting for Miki and the Producer to arrive at the audition. After talking for a while, they arrive at the venue and pass Chihaya on her way to a recording. The mood turns icy and almost no words are exchanged. Miki lightens the mood though as Iori and Yukiho join up with them.

However, when Miki says she hasn't learned the choreography the group argues, earning the rude stares of other competitive groups. Miki once again brightens the mood by smiling her way through the audition, as Chihaya performs onstage elsewhere. Namco Angel wins the audition and performs, but is bearing the weight of saddening news. The group announces that they will disband.

02 - Let's Meet On The Radio

Haruka introduces her radio show, "Haruka's Place" where Miki is guest starring. Questions such as to why Namco Angel disbanded and what Miki is planning to do as her solo career starts come in, but Miki's low tension only allows her to mutter that she isn't sure. When Haruka announces that the unit D-Love, made up of the idols Iori and Yukiho, will appear on the next show, Miki gets angry at Producer for completely separating her from them. However, the man says that he is trying to help her by forcing her not to rely on the others. Miki later goes to a dance practice session with Makoto, but she has trouble managing even simple steps. Producer reveals that her planned to enter her into the "TOP x TOP" idol competition, but she is too underleveled. He tries to get her interested, but Miki sinks into a depression and ignores him. Miki goes back to practicing, but she struggles to accomplish anything as she remembers the fun times she had in Namco Angel. However, when D-Love appears on "Haruka's Place" and gives her a friendly shout out while announcing that they plan to compete in the "TOP x TOP" audition, Miki regains her determination.

The next day, the 765 PRO idols and Producer find Miki at the office. The blond idol managed to learn all 10 Candidate Set Piece songs, and can perform them perfectly. Miki announces that she will take place in the "TOP x TOP" audition, and will make Producer do whatever she says once she becomes "Top Idol". Meanwhile, in DNA Productions a producer named Yukie Yabushite, begs the idol Mikokoro Sano to compete in the "TOP x TOP" audition, which she unhappily agrees to. In a penthouse somewhere, the unit Devil Angel decides not to participate. Part of Tougouji Productions, this unit is made up of Reika Tougouji, Rin Asahina, and Tomomi Sanjou. However, they do announce that they plan to crush Chihaya.

03 - A Special Audition

Miki Hoshii arrives as the audition, and is bumped into by a nervous girl who quickly runs away. She later finds Iori Minase and Yukiho Hagiwara getting ready. The trio goes their separate ways after talking for a while, and Miki meets up with Mikokoro. Believing Mikokoro was unpopular and feeling sorry for her, Miki decided to cheer for her at the audition. Meanwhile, Yukie meets up with Producer, and learns of Miki. However, when she notes that Chihaya is doing well, Producer retorts that she will surely self destruct. Both Miki and Producer are asked what "iDOLM@STER" means, but neither seem to know the answer. Miki performs well during the audition, but Mikokoro suddenly sings levels above the other idols. In the end, Mikokoro won the audition, beating out D-Love and Miki. Before Miki can cry in disbelief, Mikokoro asks if Miki wants to team up to form a unit.

04 - Off Time

Unsure of what to do about the offer to defect from 765 PRO, Miki decides to sleep on it. She later decides to try talking about it at the 765 PRO office, but she doesn't manage to even bring it up until she talks with Chihaya Kisaragi. The famous idol's advice, however, is to just keep the matter to herself because no one will ever understand her when she becomes an icon. Miki decides to try to ask Ritsuko, but she refers her to Producer, who is sleeping from exhaustion. When she hears how much he did for her to schedule her day off, Miki decides to talk to him when he wakes up. He wakes with a start, but Miki explains the situation. Producer and Miki look at the offer, and realize it isn't what it seems, and that it includes a guide to the "Nikko Nikko Retirement Home"...


Miki and Mikokoro go to a retirement home and perform as The Port City Sisters for the elderly. Yukie angrily scolds Mikokoro and apologizes for the trouble and worry she caused the group. However, Miki doesn't mind and admits she had fun. Mikokoro says that even though she could become a real idol on her singing abilities and become rich, she'd much rather sing and make these people smile and that what she does can't be measured in money. While it annoys Yukie that Mikokoro won't take any major jobs, she plans to keep pestering Mikokoro into becoming an idol, and will be by her side no matter what. Producer later talks to Miki and she says she's very glad that he is by her side, making him note that he is doing better than he ever was with Chihaya. At the office, Makoto, Yayoi, Haruka, and Kotori watch her perform on TV. Her representative job for 765 PRO in THE iDOLM@STER GRAND PRIX is almost certain, but she seems so lifeless according to Haruka.

Meanwhile, Iori and Yukiho are yearning to take the lead against Miki and Chihaya. However, Producer gives up his position over D-Love and hands it over to Ritsuko, much to Iori's dismay. The trio enters an audition, but Devil Angel appears as well. Getting inside information, Reiko finds out that their debut song was My Best Friend and their costume set was an Angel set. The group plans to rip off their costumes and songs, as well as pay off judges to win. Devil Angel quickly formulate a plan to take D-Love out of the competition and steal the show with fake affection.

06 - Debut

Devil Angel quickly walks offstage, annoyed by the amount of fans they cheated into getting. A little while later at a gravure shoot, Miki is resting on a lawn chair relaxing before it starts. Around the same time, Iori, Yukiho, and Ritsuko arrive at the office, feeling down about losing the audition. Iori admits that she doesn't mind that much but, she is mad that Devil Angel copied everything that D-Love originally had as their image. Upon hearing that they might have paid off a few judges, Iori isn't surprised and could see it happening. At the photoshoot, Miki is thinking about finding her place in the same way Mikokoro found hers at the retirement home. Miki spots Chihaya performing on a screen, and Producer explains that she and Chihaya are both aiming to be "Top Idol". Realizing the job before her, she has trouble concentrating on the photoshoot, and can't relax.

Meanwhile, "Haruka's Place" is having a special announcement with the rest of 765 PRO. Three new idol units are being released: Idol Egg featuring Makoto Kikuchi and Yayoi Takatsuki, Melt 'Chu Up! featuring the Ami/Mami Futami, and BLACK PRINCESS featuring Haruka Amami and Azusa Miura. Miki manages to relax and complete her work, as the rest of the 765 PRO idols meet at the office. Iori hands out invitations to her birthday party to all the 765 PRO idols, and the group plans to have a good time.

07 - The Lonely Diva

As an interview is being held by Chihaya Kisaragi and the reporter Yoshinaga, Miki Hoshii and D-Love is meeting up to catch up for old times and have some fun. Miki plans on what she wants to do to Producer when she becomes "Top Idol" and Chihaya concludes she never had anyone significant enter her life as an idol. However, she remembers her time when Miki's Producer was still her Producer. The good times they shared and the basics she learned did mean something to her, but her singing ability she made herself without anyone else. She remembers when her Producer abandoned her, leaving her behind because he believed he wasn't able to help her anymore. Chihaya admits that only someone with true determination can win THE iDOLM@STER GRAND PRIX.


This is basically a comic displaying the events of Go To The NEXT STAGE THE iDOLM@STER GREAT PARTY!!. The events here actually would turn out to start many various memes on Nico Nico Douga and other sites.

Volume 2 Chapter List

THE iDOLM@STER relations 2
Front cover
Manga details
Original title: アイドルマスター relations(2)
Romanised title: THE iDOLM@STER relations (2)
Translated title: THE iDOLM@STER relations 2
Author: 上田夢人 (Ueda Yumehito)
Pages: 180
Size: 7.2 x 5 x 0.6 inches
Publication date: September 25, 2008
Publisher: Ichijinsha
ISBN: 978-4758061070

08 - Iori-sama's Birthday

As Producer and Kotori Otonashi plan the schedules of the upcoming weeks, the 765 PRO idols arrive at Iori Minase's mansion. The idols have fun at the party, with the exception of Ritsuko Akizuki, who gets frustrated that no one recognizes her. Kotori arrives with a present from the Producer, a bunny strap. As the other 765 PRO idols run to get Iori's present, the Devil Angel idols appear to the party. Reika Tougouji talks with Iori, and explains her reasoning for behaving the way she does. She promises Iori that she will play fair and square in THE iDOLM@STER GRAND PRIX. However as she leaves, she says Iori simply isn't worthy of being called an idol. Chihaya arrives as they are leaving, and Reika is thrilled that she remembers them... until Chihaya calls their music depressing. Reika announces to Rin and Tomomi that they will be playing according to her rules.

09 - Lost Memories

When no one shows up to Miki's concert, a confused Producer heads back to the 765PRO office. Once there, Kotori informs him that BLACK PRINCESS, Melt 'Chu Up!, and Idol Egg also had their unit's jobs canceled. The office clerk notes that only Tougouji Productions idols are doing well in the industry, and the two decide to come up with a plan in case the rumors that they are taking down agencies is true. Before they talk start, however, Kotori tells the man about the recent news of Chihaya Kisaragi. "The Blue Siren" had been losing jobs left and right, and Kotori worries that she needs someone to be by her side. However Producer disagrees, saying that she doesn't need anyone and she'll be fine on her own. Meanwhile atop the 765 PRO office, Chihaya stands in solitude feeling completely lonesome, until a sleeping Miki Hoshii wakes up nearby. After talking a while, Miki tries to convince Chihaya that she does need others to help her and to make memories with, but she simply claims she was alone from the beginning. As Chihaya heads downstairs, obviously upset by the lack of jobs, Producer walks upstairs. The two completely ignore each other, while Miki tries to desperately smooth the situation. Producer waves off her attempt and tells her go downstairs for a 765 PRO meeting.


Everyone in 765 PRO (with the exception of Chihaya) meets and discusses the lack of jobs available. Producer, Kotori, and Ritsuko talk about a recent event that happened to the unit BLACK PRINCESS. Haruka and Azusa were planning to debut to the song I Want with a dark image to surprise the judges of an important audition. However, their image was stolen by a Tougouji Productions unit: Red Shoulder and the 765 PRO unit failed the audition. Despite the worrisome mood, Miki and Iori put on brave faces and tell everyone to keep up their hard work. With THE iDOLM@STER GRAND PRIX getting closer and closer, Chihaya is still the only representative idol of 765 PRO, but Producer is starting to have doubts. Meanwhile at Tougouji Productions, Devil Angel is invited to compete in THE iDOLM@STER GRAND PIX. The idols decide that Chihaya is a major threat that needs to be taken care of, forcing Reika to use a secret weapon she's had hidden for a long time: Mikokoro Sano.

Back at the 765 PRO office building, Miki and Producer talk about when they first met and when he first met Chihaya. Deciding the second event was ancient history, Producer tries to move on. Miki, however, is steadfast and tells him that he should be meeting with Chihaya instead of avoiding her. As the two talk, the unit Devil Angel is preparing for the announcement for who will be in the running for THE iDOLM@STER GRAND PRIX. Reika announces that she will become the master of all idols.

11 - Lost Memories 2

Reika remembers back when she was part of the unit Lucky Angel. Her fellow unit members, Tomomi Sanjou and Rin Asahina, were eagerly waiting with her to prepare for a televison event they would hold with another unit: Setsugetsuka. This unit of idols were Reika's heroes, and she considered it an honor and a miracle to share the stage with them. She and the other girls talk about their long journey to get to the top and all the sacrifices they made, but all of them admit it was worth it. Using Setsugetsuka's lyrics as a guide, Reika eagerly awaited the concert.

Unfortunately, it wasn't to be. Setsugetsuka attempted to cancel Lucky Angel's appearance. Claiming they were an eyesore, the leader's bureaucratic friend easily got them cancelled. Reika, saddened beyond belief, asked why they would do such a thing after all she had wanted to do was be like them. Realizing that the members of Lucky Angel were fans, the group laughed at their foolishness for believing all the lies the group had made up. Claiming to be idols, the members of Setsugetsuka explained that an idols worth is measured by how many idiots they can get to dance to their beats. Completely destroyed that her idols turned out to be fakes, Reika reveals her family name and laughs that worms like them never had a chance. Realizing the power of her family, Setsugetsuka tried to reason with her by pleading to change their ways, but their cries fell on deaf ears. Demanding them to stop being fakers, they cease singing meaningless love songs, and quit telling her what dreams are as Reika refuses to let them go onstage.

At Tougouji Productions, Reika examines her past. Saying that idols are nothing more than false gods and goddesses, she can only hope that the idols she wanted to be are out there somewhere. Deciding that this will be their last performance, Devil Angel heads out to compete in THE iDOLM@STER GRAND PRIX.


When Miki suggests setting up a heart to heart session with Chihaya, Producer gives her excuses about why they would never be able to work together. Miki calls him an idiot for missing the point, to which Producer throws out that she couldn't possibly understand because she doesn't know everything. Miki quickly exclaims she does and points out that the most important lesson she learned from him: Everyone needs someone to help them out, no matter how high and mighty you think you are. Even if you've made mistakes and are down on your luck, nothing compares to the feeling of being together with someone and knowing you've changed someone. Realizing Miki is right, he agrees to go talk to Chihaya until Kotori reveals that she has vanished.

In the Tougouji Productions building, Reika is talking to a girl and smiles at her past life as a legendary idol. Called "The Idol Goddess", Mikokoro Sano is introduced to Devil Angel. Tempting her with a high pay, Reika attempts to get her to join the group so they will surely win THE iDOLM@STER GRAND PRIX. Sano eventually agrees, despite calling the unit's music very depressing.

At around the same time, Yayoi Takatsuki and Iori Minase work as mascots wearing a penguin suit and a rabbit suit, trying to trust that the Producer has everything under control. Azusa Miura and Makoto Kikuchi wait for their jobs as extras in a film to start, unhappily realizing that not long ago they had a good chance of starring in videos. The Futami Twins angrily note that the seats for their concert are completely empty as Ritsuko Akizuki notes that Tougouji's interference has been making hard to promote the LIVE. The bespectacled girl worries that the company won't last much longer if this keeps up. Haruka Amami and Yukiho Hagiwara are practicing a dance and both end up falling down. The girls try to keep a positive attitude, but are extremely worried about the fact that only Chihaya has been invited to compete in THE iDOLM@STER GRAND PRIX.

Meanwhile at 765 PRO's office, Producer and Kotori realize it is unlikely for the other girls to get an invitation. Suddenly, Producer's phone rings and he answers it quickly, hoping its Chihaya. However it turns out to be Yukie, who just got the news that Sano decided to join Devil Angel under the condition that the retirement home be saved from being torn down. Producer gets a stroke of genius, and comes up with a plan. At THE iDOLM@STER GRAND PRIX entry announcements, Producer, Miki, and Ritsuko make their way into the building, after failing to find Chihaya. As they go in, Sano meets up with Miki, only to be scolded by Reika. Once the entries start, Reika announces that there will be the addition of Mikokoro Sano onto the team (causing the audience to go into an uproar over the recovery of the legendary idol). When it is 765 PRO's turn, Producer announces that there are changes to the roster. He disbanded the solo unit "Chihaya Kisaragi", and instead created an ALLSTAR unit by the name of Namco Angel, consisting of Miki Hoshii, Iori Minase, Yukiho Hagiwara, Haruka Amami, Azusa Miura, Yayoi Takatsuki, Makoto Kikuchi, Ami Futami, and Ritsuko Akizuki. As the announcement is played downtown, Chihaya watches Miki's excited face on the big screen. The competition is announced to start in 31 days.

13 - relations (Part 1)

As Haruka, Iori, Yayoi, and Yukiho practice their dancing, they talk about the past week. Yukiho worries about the fact that Chihaya Kisaragi wasn't placed in the competition. Ami and Mami cry that slander about 765 Productions is filled up a magazine, and even Ritsuko admits that they are doing worse in the competition than they should. Iori points out that they just can't win the competition in the state they're in. Chihaya could make a considerable difference, though. Later that day, Devil Angel talks about what they plan to do once they win THE iDOLM@STER GRAND PRIX. Reika decides to tell the world every dirty deed she made to get to the top and ruin the image of idols everywhere. Angry at the world for its "filthy, corrupt, survival-of-the-fittest crap", Reika asks Sano how she feels. The DNA Productions girl says that volunteering at the retirement home gave her something every idol needs, but she won't reveal what it is. Reika ignores her odd statement, eager to get the competition over with.

As Kotori Otonashi tries to find Chihaya, she notices a set of keys to the first office missing. Producer races off with a hunch, and Miki takes care of his work while he's away. Kotori talks to President Takagi about the recent events, and he explains that the Producer can fix his ties with Chihaya as long as he looks towards the future and doesn't let her give up her dreams. Producer and Chihaya talk about their past decisions, and he apologizes for abandoning her. Chihaya accepts the apology and apologizes for pushing him away also. The two quickly leave the building for their next destination.

14 - relations (Part 2)

Right before the concert, the 765 PRO idols meet in the dressing room. The girls worry as they notice Miki, Chihaya, and the Producer are not there. Devil Angel taunts them, but Producer shows up just in time. However, Reika points out that Devil Angel broke 765's image and won over Mikokoro Sano. She claims that an idol is a monster made up of lies, looking for something that doesn't exist. Without warning, Chihaya and an Awakened Miki arrive just in time to scare off Reika. As the new Namco Angel goes onstage, Miki introduces the song as something she believes that every idol and fan should have, as well as something she holds very special to her: relations. While the idols perform their hearts out, the Devil Angel idols are shocked to see their rivals practically shining. Sano finally reveals her secret: a stage surrounded by fans, and people who support and care for you. She also admits that she likes Lucky Angel old music. Iori asks if Reika plans to continue to be an idol, to which she replies that she'll do even better this upcoming year because she'd play fair.

Later in the evening, Miki Hoshii and Producer are walking along, talking about how much they've seen each other grow. Miki also tries to ask out Producer, but she is interrupted by everyone else at 765 PRO. Yukie is given an answer to her question by Haruka and Miki, just to be positive! Chihaya and Miki promise to stay by Producer's side, and the Producer reflects on the great memories he had.