THE iDOLM@STER Shiny Colors

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THE iDOLM@STER Shiny Colors
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Video Game Data
Platform: enza, iOS, Android
Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.
Selling Agency: Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.
Release Date: April 24th, 2018 (enza),
March 13th, 2019 (iOS/Android)
CERO Rating:

THE iDOLM@STER Shiny Colors (アイドルマスター シャイニーカラーズ Aidorumasutaa Shainii Karaazu), or Shinymas (シャニマス Shanimasu) for short, is a training simulation browser game in THE iDOLM@STER series. The game adopts BXD's HTML5 platform and is hosted by enza, a social platform made by Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc..

It was released on the enza platform on April 24, 2018, and on Android and iOS platforms on March 13, 2019.


In Shiny Colors, the player takes the role of a producer at 283 Production and manages a number of idols from different units.

When the game was first launched, the first four units were illumination STARS, L'Antica, ALSTROEMERIA and Houkago Climax Girls. Throughout recent years, the game has also seen additional units: the first anniversary of Shiny Colors adds Straylight, with noctchill being added for the second anniversary. SHHis, a seventh unit, was added for the third anniversary of the game.

Game system

The game has a system similar to THE iDOLM@STER console games. The main gameplay includes lessons, auditions, and a story with visual novel elements. Different options will lead to different intimacy levels with an idol, eventually affecting the idol's tension level.

In a general approach of the game, the player organizes idol units with produce and support idol cards, and trains the set idol in the produce part of the game. When production is finished, a Fes card is created. With these cards, it is possible to form units and compete in "Fes".


The game features a gacha system which can be used to get new idols. The player can use Feather Jewels or enza points to pull - pulling once costs 300, and pulling 10 times costs 3,000. When pulling ten cards, the tenth card is a guaranteed SR card. Free Feather jewels can be obtained in many ways:

  • 01. Doing missions. Doing all daily missions will give out 300 jewels, while doing all weekly missions will give out 1600 jewels. If you did dailies everyday, and completed weeklies during the week, you can get up to 3700 jewels per week. Also, doing regular/special missions can give you jewels as well. In particular, achieving true ends for P-SSRs and P-SRs can net you a huge amount of feather jewels. True Ends for P-SRs can give out 3000 feather jewels, while True Ends for P-SSRs can give out 6000 feather jewels.
  • 02. Doing events. Events usually give out up to 500 feather jewels which can be obtained either by trading event points at the event points shop for scenario and fes events, or from pulling crystals from a box during produce events.
  • 03. Livestreams also usually give out free jewels. Certain promos and real life events can also give out codes that can give away free jewels.

Paid Feather Jewels, on the other hand must be bought, either through credit card or via Google Play/App Store. Paid Feather Jewels must be spent on the platform where they were purchased.

Here are the overall rates for the gacha. Note that this is the general gacha chances per each rarity, further divided between produce and support cards. The actual rate per card will actually be lower. Please check the in-game gacha info for the actual rates per card.

Rarity Produce Idol Support Idol
SSR 2% 3%
SR 6% 10%
Rare 29% 50%


Support cards can be trained to raise stats. New skills are released with training and special training, which is advantageous in producing.


There are daily and weekly missions featuring feather jewels and other rewards.


There are five produce modes, named W.I.N.G (Wonder.Idol.Nova.Grandprix), TFD (Thanks Flapping Day), G.R.A.D (Grand.Repute.AuDition), Landing Point, and S.T.E.P (Shining.To.Evolving.Performers). To unlock the other produce mode, an idol that has cleared at least the second season once must be produced.

In W.I.N.G mode, the player and their produce idol aims to win the W.I.N.G festival. It is divided in four seasons, and if the required amount of fans for that season is not reached (for example: 1,000 fans for Season 1), the run will end. If the requirement is cleared, there will a W.I.N.G preliminary at the 4th season, and then the final. The true end depends on the idol card rarity. The main objective of W.I.N.G. is to reach 100,000 fans by the end of the 4th season. The difficulty of this mode is Beginner (Easy), Middle (Medium), and Master (Hard). In Beginner Mode, Judges are noticeably weaker, but as a consequence ex skill drop rates and the chance of obtaining passives/skills for know how books is lowered. True ends can't be obtained in Beginner Mode. Master Mode on the other hand is much more challenging. Judges are tougher and the AI patterns for rivals during auditions have been changed. However, drop rates for ex skills are increased, and the chance of obtaining passives/skills for know how books is also increased. True ends can be obtained in Master Mode.

The produced idol will become a Fes card, but the original card will not disappear, and can be produced repeatedly.

TFD is a produce scenario that was implemented into the game on April 1, 2019. The goal of TFD is to complete Idea Notes by collecting Ideas. Completing these Idea Notes can give bonus stats and affection to the chosen idols and can help make them even stronger. While certain elements of TFD are similar to W.I.N.G., there are certain key differences between the two. TFD is unlocked after finishing W.I.N.G. up to at least season 2 once. As of November 30, 2021, every unit has a TFD scenario. TFD has 4 seasons, with eight weeks each. Unlike W.I.N.G., there is no minimum fan count needed to advance from one season to the next. There are also two auditions, TFD rehearsal (which takes place between seasons 2 and 3) and TFD finals (taking place after season 4). The lower-right area now has the Idea Note holder, which allows you to access the Idea Notes. The portion where the required fan count used to be is now replaced with an indicator of what Ideas needed for the current part of the Idea Note you are trying to fill and how many weeks you have left to complete the Note itself. Beside the current week indicator is a countdown timer indicating how many weeks before you can call a support idol. In addition, TFD has a different set of Produce Event commus compared to W.I.N.G., in which these explore further into the relationship between the unit members and the producer. There is one guaranteed Produce Event commu at the end of each season, with each giving a specific stat bonus, some Mental and SP—although in one of those commus, you can choose which stat you can take. Finally, there are no True Ends in TFD, as these are exclusive to W.I.N.G.

G.R.A.D. is a Produce mode scenario that was added to the game in May 2020. In this scenario, the selected produce idol participates in a televised idol competition. The G.R.A.D. scenario features a unique story for each idol, as well as unlockable special abilities that will carry over when the player's produce idol becomes a fes idol after completing production. Gameplay in G.R.A.D. revolves around Insight tokens, which are earned through lessons or jobs together with support idols. You can spend Insight tokens by learning Abilities or exchanging them for stats through PR Activities. G.R.A.D. is unlocked by completing the TFD scenario at least once. As of April 20, 2021, SHHis do not have G.R.A.D scenarios.

Landing Point, also known as 283 Production Unit-Solo Live Landing Point (283プロダクション ユニット単独ライブ Landing Point) is a Produce mode scenario first added in May 2021.

S.T.E.P. ~Shining. To. Evolving. Performers.~ is a Produce mode scenario that was introduced to the game on the April 28, 2022 update. As of its implementation, no commus are available in this mode, but it will be added at a later time. S.T.E.P. is unlocked by completing Season 1 of W.I.N.G. and creating a Fes Idol at least once.


A unit can be form with Fes cards and compete with other idols at Fes. The unit is organized by Center, Vocal, Dance, Visual and Leader positions. Money is obtained with the player's fes evaluation and can be used to buy items. Event points can also be used to buy.


illumination STARS
SC-Hiori Thumb.png SC-Mano Thumb.png SC-Meguru Thumb.png
SC-Kiriko Thumb.png
SC-Mamimi Thumb.png
SC-Kogane Thumb.png
SC-Sakuya Thumb.png
SC-Yuika Thumb.png
Houkago Climax Girls
SC-Chiyoko Thumb.png
SC-Rinze Thumb.png
SC-Kaho Thumb.png
SC-Natsuha Thumb.png
SC-Juri Thumb.png
SC-Tenka Thumb.png SC-Chiyuki Thumb.png SC-Amana Thumb.png
SC fuyuko.png SC asahi.png SC mei.png
SC hinana.png SC toru.png SC madoka.png SC koito.png
SC nichika.png SC mikoto.png
SC hana.png SC luca.png SC haruki.png


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