THE iDOLM@STER 2 The world is all one!!

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THE iDOLM@STER 2 The world is all one 1
Front cover
Manga details
Original title: アイドルマスター2 The world is all one !! 1
Romanised title: THE IDOLM@STER 2 The world is all one !! 1
Translated title: THE IDOLM@STER 2 The world is all one!! 1
Author: 祐 佑 (YuuYuu)
Pages: 188
Size: 17.8 x 12.8 x 1.4 cm
Publication date: 26 November 2011
Publisher: ASCII Media Works
ISBN: 978-4048709880

THE iDOLM@STER 2 The world is all one!! is a manga based on the events of THE iDOLM@STER 2. Haruka Amami, Yukiho Hagiwara and Hibiki Ganaha star as the unit SprouT of 765 PRO. The other idols of the agency also appear, and follows a storyline unlike any of the previous games or mangas. This manga was originally released in a magazine owned by ASCII Media Works, and later was given a paperback release, as well as an online release via the popular art site Pixiv. This manga was released in a joint effort with THE iDOLM@STER 2 Nemurihime and THE iDOLM@STER 2 Colorful Days.

The world is all one!! Volume 1

Chapter 1 - Producer?

After a short introduction, a man is seen in 765 Productions, completely topless. Obviously half near tears, he ponders how he arrived there. 10 minutes earlier, he had been standing outside of 765PRO's office when a girl running out of the building with her friends tripped and slammed into him. She apologizes, but he tells Haruka Amami not to worry. Surprised that he knows her name, she quickly whispers to the girl next to her. The girls mention that even though they debuted a while ago, they haven't done anything significant. The duo gasps, hoping that this is their new Producer. Challenging him, the black haired girl asks what her name is, to which he correctly identifies her as Hibiki Ganaha. Hibiki swipes the quiet girl behind her and asks for her name. The man easily replies with Yukiho Hagiwara. The trio note that Haruka ripped and dirtied his clothes, and drag him into the office building.

As Yukiho goes to make some tea, Hibiki and Haruka rip off the man's shirt and quickly try to fix his clothes. Hibiki and Haruka sigh, embarrassed that they just half stripped their supposed new Producer and left Yukiho... Uh-oh. As Yukiho brings her tea into the room, she lets out an enormous scream at the sight of the naked man. Kotori Otonashi runs in and screams to the President that there is a pervert loose in the building, and he declares that they should call the police. Haruka and Hibiki run in to explain everything. Apologizing to the man, President Takagi tries to convince the man to become their Producer after noticing his good traits. The man turns him down, despite Haruka's plea to become their Producer. The man returns back to his work office in 961 Production, where it is revealed he is just a small employee. After turning in his report on 765 Productions, he receives a new job straight from President Kuroi: to infiltrate 765 Production and become a spy by being the girls' Producer.

Chapter 2 - Truth and Lies

The 961 employee goes back to 765 Productions and fills out the paperwork to become a Producer. The President introduces him to Ritsuko Akizuki, another Producer at 765 PRO, who will show him the ropes. The new producer remembers that she used to be an idol, but she quickly replies that she was an intern anyway. She hands him her name card, and he notes she is the Producer for the popular unit: Ryuuguu Komachi. Realizing that he can't give his name card (it says he's employed with 961 PRO), Ritsuko ignores it and decides to just cover the basics of being a Producer. While leaving the President's room, they run into Haruka, Hibiki, and Yukiho. Ritsuko hurries them to their lessons, and the trio prepares for the day. The girls stretch as Ritsuko calmly explains that a very effective way of producing the girls is to market their unit as much as possible, and to send them to greatest stage possible. The man notes that this is what Kuroi does as well, but that the 765 girls look happier than any unit of 961. He tries to explain that he doesn't think that it is the best way to get good results, but the female Producer quickly shut him down. The new Producer gives another attempt, but Ritsuko laughs that she was just kidding and didn't mean for him to take her seriously. The brunette admits that 765 PRO doesn't have that kind of money and wouldn't try that type of marketing anyways, and she scolds him for relying too much on other people's advice.

Meanwhile, Hibiki gives thoughtful advice to the members of their new unit, to which the others respond to with a cheer of excitement. Ritsuko smiles and takes her leave, mentioning not to "break their smiles". Realizing he is completely useless during lessons, the girls exclaim that he should focus on getting them big jobs while the training should be their responsibility. The man receives a call from Kuroi, and states his new orders.

Chapter 3 - The Things I Can Do

Kotori arrives in the office, holding a list of debut auditions which she gives to the Producer. Hibiki and Haruka giggle, because they managed to find one by themselves. Kotori notes that it's not an entry level audition, and asks how he got his hands on it. He lies that he saw a good opportunity and took it (What really happened was that Kuroi gave them a stage to set up for failure). Kotori mentions the unit has to come up with a name, and a group discussion is formed. As several ideas come up, President Takagi walks in and warns the group that 961 may have some underhanded schemes during this audition. When the idols go off to their lessons, the 961 spy wonders if it is okay to win the audition since all Kuroi said was that they would be entered into the competition. At the lessons, Hibiki shows off her talents, only to realize that Haruka and Yukiho are struggling with very simple steps. Trying to come up with a way he can help the girls, the Producer runs off in the middle of their lesson. The girls catch up to him after a few days, but he zooms off again.

Disappointed that he can't meet their lessons, the girls (who note that they have yet to create a unit name) feel very sad and say that this is supposed to be a team effort. Afraid that they just lost their only supporter, the trio searches for their Producer and find him working at a computer. The man had been working for days to find out the latest trends and what the judges wanted. Realizing that he did all of this work, the trio are happy that their Producer still believes in them. Before he can say much more though, he slams to the ground asleep. The girls find their new unit name: SprouT. When the man wakes up, the girls make him promise not to overwork himself and to always show up to their lessons.

Chapter 4 - SprouT

The Producer pulled an all nighter to get SprouT ready for the audition, and Haruka comes in early on the day of. She smiles and explains why she is very happy to be in a unit. During her solo days, she would always fail auditions because she would get so nervous during the actual competition and trip up. Haruka thanks him for his support, and the Producer notes that his being there is an incredible source of support for them, something Ritsuko said when the man first watched the girls during their lessons. As the two smile, the door slowly swings open to reveal the eavesdropping Hibiki and Yukiho. After Hibiki and an embarrassed Haruka playfully argue, the Producer gets the group together to discuss how they will attack the audition.

When SprouT gets to the audition center, the girls note that the place is huge and immediately start to worry. The man begins to worry about their experience (none of the girls have ever performed in a place this large and the jobs they have gotten are very small), and an intercom goes off saying for their unit to meet in the auditorium. The girls dash off, still very anxious about the event. The girls are about to go onstage when their Producer tells them to let him shoulder the burden on their worry. Each of the girls agrees, and goes onstage to do their best. As their Producer admits that he's done all he can, the girls shine onstage and SprouT wins the audition. The unit members are thoroughly excited and quickly arrive on the day of the broadcast. The girls quickly change into their costumes when someone rushes into the room. Ryuuguu Komachi strolls in to cheer them on after completing a job, and the mood quickly lightens except for Iori who had apparently run into a rather nasty person outside. The trio is eager to meet their Producer, but he went to the restroom after feeling nervous.

The Producer walks into the restroom and is about to go when a nearby man catches him, revealing himself to be President Kuroi! The man angrily mutters against 765 PRO's president, claiming that SprouT must be a strong hidden group for them to have won against his better and stronger groups at the audition. Kuroi scolds the Producer, saying he is not very helpful. After nearly blowing his cover, the Producer is forced to chose between Kuroi's new orders and what is good for SprouT. The girls go onstage and perform The world is all one!!. Iori, Azusa, and Ami eagerly support SprouT from backstage with the Producer as the girls shine brightly in the broadcast. The Producer admits that he's beginning to like this new job and hopes to keep working with them.

Back at the office, the trio watched their performance on TV and are happy to learn that more jobs are coming in. However, the Producer does worry about where his allegiance lies, with his employer or his new friends.

Chapter 5 - A Certain Day's Scenery

As Haruka remarks that SprouT is growing in fame, their Producer is contemplating how he can misinterpret Kuroi's orders again. When Haruka tries to see, she leans in on the man. Hibiki and Yukiho walk in at the wrong second and the group quickly decides to ignore the event and see what their plans are for today. The trio has a new job: to do a talk show as guests to promote their new album, The world is all one!!. Hibiki exclaims that she could easily do the job, but as she says it Yukiho notices something strange. Hibiki is turning red! She is rushed to the doctor, and it is revealed that she had the measles. The Producer declares that she can't participate in the broadcast, to which Hibiki cries that she can't be pulled out because it's their first talk show together. Haruka and Yukiho reluctantly agree with their Producer, only for Hibiki to call Haruka a traitor. Haruka and Yukiho walk to the office together as Hibiki is driven home by the Producer. Frustrated with Hibiki, Haruka gets angry at her for calling her a traitor. Hibiki on the other hand, is very depressed at the recent event and gets even angrier when the Producer tells her that he won't allow her to go, causing her to bite his hand! Meanwhile, the other two idols talk about how they worry about the producer and his odd behavior. Haruka and Yukiho try to come up with what to say for the broadcast, but both admit that it won't be the same. However, Haruka gets an idea and races to the 765 PRO office.

On the day of the broadcast, Hibiki is watching the broadcast start while drinking a hot juice. Haruka, Yukiho, and Hibiki all introduce themselves, earning a spit take by Hibiki. On the screen is a cardboard cutout of Hibiki (made by Kotori), voiced by Haruka and Yukiho imitating the Okinawa girl. At home, Hibiki begs them to stop, something the Producer giggles at the thought of. During the broadcast, Haruka mentions that she used to trip all of the time. Hibiki shouts that she still does, and at the same time Yukiho (as Hibiki) says the exact same thing. However, Haruka gets even when she says Hibiki's perfectly fine on her own and mimics Hibiki by calling her a traitor. After suppressing the need to kill Haruka, Hibiki smiles, and the duo manages to get through the broadcast just fine. When Hibiki gets better, however, she tackles Haruka in a rage, but is very sweet to Yukiho. After a small argument, the girls go to their lessons and Ritsuko comes over to talk with the Producer. The "Idol Academy Awards" are coming up, and Ritsuko asks if he would like to team up SprouT and Ryuuguu Komachi to win the awards.

Chapter 6 - Smiling Lost Girl

During their monthly planning schedule, Kotori Otonashi is sorting through the girl's fan mail. Haruka happily picks one up from the pile Kotori hasn't sorted... Meanwhile, Ritsuko, Kotori, the Producer, SprouT, and Ryuuguu Komachi are talking about the upcoming events. Ryuuguu Komachi and SprouT will be teaming up for LIVE events to both get a shot at being nominated for the "Idol Academy Awards". After explaining that both groups will get more publicity and help the agency receive more secure jobs (and help the idols currently going solo), Ritsuko dismisses everyone to the lesson studio. While the idols chatter away, Haruka is noticeably silent. Kotori calls the Producer over and tells what happened. Haruka had read a letter that asked why she was just smiling away when she could be focusing on her dancing and singing. Kotori worries that the letter may get to her and ruin her self esteem.

Meanwhile at the lessons, SprouT and Ryuuguu Komachi are having a tough practice session. As Ritsuko becomes part slave driver, Haruka is having a hard time getting into it. The other idols try to cheer her up, and she seems okay for a while. The Producer arrives at the studio and Ritsuko admits that Haruka seems a little emotionally unstable. The man agrees that he'll try to solve the problem before the actual LIVE. The Producer goes to report to President Kuroi, who gives him another assignment: to make Haruka go on another assignment just before their combined LIVE. When the Producer protests, Kuroi asks him where his loyalties are and not another word is said. The spy shows Ritsuko the plan and she agrees that it's a good idea because it will promote the event. However, she doesn't like the fact that it is Haruka going during such an unstable time. As Haruka is preparing for the LIVE, the Producer tries to make her laugh with a suspiciously familiar set of glasses. When it fails, Haruka gets angry and yells at him. Realizing she's getting mad for no reason, she explains her feelings. Despite always being happy and carefree she does try her best, but hearing it come from one of her fans it hurts quite a bit more. When she tries harder, she only trips and and her smile gets stuck.

Miki Hoshii and Makoto Kikuchi walk in on their conversation. Miki exclaims she doesn't see anything special about him after he walks away to get them drinks, but Haruka retorts that he is always listening to those in need and he tries his best even if he overworks himself sometimes. Miki laughs and says that he's another Haruka, to which she cries that she doesn't understand. Producer comes back with three cups in his hands, only to trip and end up soaked in the drinks. The group and a few workers watch in amusement as he tries to rescue his company phone (It unfortunately dies). Makoto explains what Miki meant using the Producer as an analogy saying, that she too always looks to the future and does her best no matter how many times she falls. Haruka goes to the broadcast and does wonderfully. Everything is going fine until the Producer calls Ritsuko who interrupts him, saying that if she doesn't get to the venue soon, they won't make it on time for the LIVE!

Chapter 7 - Girls Be Ambitious

As Ryuuguu Komachi and the remaining members of SprouT wait for Haruka, Ritsuko panics upon finding that she can't reach the Producer's company phone. Suddenly, 765 PRO idols Mami Futami and Yayoi Takatsuki run into the room to cheer the others on. After realizing that Haruka won't be back in time to do the opening act, Ritsuko gets a call from the Producer. As Haruka, Makoto, Miki, and the Producer race to the LIVE venue, Mami and Yayoi are willing to help out by covering for SprouT until Haruka gets there, showing up as surprise guests during an MC segment. Ritsuko makes some changes in the schedule while Mami and Yayoi wear Ami and Iori's backup costumes to go onstage. Producer fills Haruka, Miki, and Makoto on the new changes, forcing Haruka to keep something she wanted to tell him quiet. Meanwhile, Yukiho is panicking as she and Hibiki get ready to go onstage due to the large amount of men in the audience. Their lack of stage experience troubles Ritsuko, but she is called away before she can say anything. Kotori tries to calm them down as Mami and Yayoi go on and perform Kiramekirari. The time for SprouT to go on has come, but Producer and Haruka are no where in sight. Hibiki attempts to get Yukiho out of a box she's hiding in, and Ritsuko's just about had it with Kotori's protests to use the cardboard cutouts she made of SprouT when the two arrive.

Haruka quickly goes to change as Producer gives a try at getting Yukiho to come out, by reminding her that she met a half naked man the first time they met. Yukiho gets out of the box and runs out of the room, until she bumps into Haruka. Haruka cheers the trio up very fast and Ritsuko announces that they will go onstage after the next song. SprouT goes onstage with Haruka asking the Producer the question she had, to give her a push onstage. The groups are doing great when Ritsuko notices that the Producer is nowhere to be found. He is currently in another part of the stage, answering a call from Kuroi. The president smiles and tells his employee to shut off the power with the main fuse box.

Extra Chapter - A Certain Day's Scenery (Special Chapter)

A month after the events of the combined LIVE of Ryuuguu Komachi and SprouT, Kotori and Producer watch a television broadcast of Mami Futami and Yayoi Takatsuki as the new popular unit One-Two→Tails. President Takagi walks in noting that Miki Hoshii and Makoto Kikuchi suggested that they wanted to do the same thing. However, two idols of 765PRO aren't interested in becoming a unit due to their unique personalities: Chihaya Kisaragi and Takane Shijou. The President decides to let the two girls join SprouT's activities for a day to try and convince them to become a unit. The Producer informs SprouT and tells them of his attempts to convince the girls, so the girls step in to reach the two idols. After some convincing, the girls get them to join SprouT's activities.

On recording day, Takane and Chihaya talk and find themselves rather alike and are amused by SprouT's fun spontaneity. The two solo idols quickly begin to realize working with friends is a wonderful thing. As the quintet film a children's cooking segement, Chihaya is easily intimidated and Takane's air-headedness causes some trouble. They still manage to get through it just fine. Another segment is filmed, this time over playtime with animals. Dressed up in their Variety Animal costumes, Hibiki brings out her dog, Inumi, to play which scares Yukiho and causes her to run away. Chihaya and Inumi are sent to play with Yukiho, and the segment is brought to a break before Yukiho can freak out anymore.

Chihaya thinks over the past two segements, and wishes that she could be as good as Takane. However, Takane replies that she did a very good job and is thankful for Chihaya's help in covering for her. Chihaya doesn't agree, saying she is still unsure and wanted a chance to sing. She quickly gets the chance via the next segment where all five idols sing Shiroi Inu. Chihaya and Takane reflect on the fun they had with SprouT, and decide to form their own unit: Kachou Fuugetsu.

The world is all one!! Volume 2

THE iDOLM@STER 2 The world is all one 2
Front cover
Manga details
Original title: アイドルマスター2 The world is all one !! 2
Romanised title: THE IDOLM@STER 2 The world is all one !! 2
Translated title: THE IDOLM@STER 2 The world is all one!! 2
Author: 祐 佑 (YuuYuu)
Pages: 188
Size: 18.2 x 13 x 1.8 cm
Publication date: 27 October 2012
Publisher: ASCII Media Works
ISBN: 978-4048867207

Chapter 8 - Day of Epiphany

Back on the day of the combined LIVE, the Producer is put with a choice of either breaking the smiles of SprouT or facing the wrath of Kuroi. Just as he is about to choose, a stage hand bumps a set piece over as he leads Ritsuko Akizuki to a problem. The set piece collapses, nearly crushing the female producer and breaking a set of wires. The power goes out just as the girls are about to announce a song, leaving President Kuroi laughing at the defeat of 765PRO as he watches the broadcast on television. Realizing that he had better get rid of the spy in case he were to be caught, the president tells the 961 Information Department to be ready to terminate the spy's employment. Back at the LIVE, the Producer reveals he didn't turn off the power and turns off the fuse when commanded by the staff so the crew can fix the wires. Ritsuko, quickly recovering from a close injury, finds out that the lights and music are both dead. Before the audience can panic, Azusa Miura starts singing Tonari ni... a capella and allows the remaining Ryuuguu Komachi members and SprouT to escape offstage. Iori tells SprouT to leave this accident to them, due to the newcomers inexperience. Realizing they have a long way to go if they want to be Top Idol, SprouT steps back and the cables are repaired. Soon later, they race onstage to join Ryuuguu Komachi, Mami Futami, and Yayoi Takatsuki.

After the LIVE, the concert performers, Miki Hoshii, Makoto Kikuchi, Kotori Otonashi, Ritsuko Akizuki , and the Producer congratulate them in the dressing room. Ritsuko slumps into a chair, exhausted, but eager to keep going despite her broken glasses. Yukiho Hagiwara asks Azusa about her a capella performance, to which the older girl admits that it was entirely impromptu. As the rest of the idols sit in shock, Azusa explains that all she had to do was trust that Ritsuko would come through for her. Hibiki Ganaha questions the Producer's disappearance, only to find out that he had been working hard to fix the accident. The idols are dismissed by Ritsuko to go for the night. SprouT leaves with their Producer, and the four think about how much they learned and how naive they had been. The girls thank him for his work and he feels very pleased as he realizes he didn't break their smiles. However, he also finds out that he would never be able to fully protect them.

Chapter 8.5 - A Certain Day's Scenery 2

After the combined LIVE, the girls are having a nice day off... But the mood is terrible! Haruka, Hibiki, and Yukiho had decided to go shopping and were looking around when the Okinawan found a pet store. Yukiho spies a dog inside and Haruka reminds Hibiki about her fear of them. Seeing Hibiki's disappointed face, Yukiho decides to try and be brave to please Hibiki. However, when the shy girl is almost too terrified to go in, Haruka tells Hibiki that they'll go see the store some other time. From that point on, the two couldn't seem to stop arguing over little things, like where to eat. When third idol tries to calm them down, they both shut her down by yelling "Shut up, Yukiho!". When the argument shifts towards each other's traits, Yukiho realizes that the unit is at stake because of her fear of dogs. Since no one else is around to stop the fight, she jumps up (crushing her drink cup) and screams for them to stop. When they hear bystanders watching them, the idols take their leave to find a more private place.

The SprouT members later grab some crepes as Haruka and Hibiki explain their friendship. Their arguments are only friendly, and they will always make up for the way they act (much like Iori and Ami). Yukiho smiles at the thought and hopes that the memories they make won't end.

Chapter 9 - Results, Activity, and...

During the Monthly Performance Report, Kotori announces that SprouT did better than expected and their CD sales have gone up. They have been getting very good jobs very often, causing Yukiho to worry. Producer, however, tells the group to be proud of themselves. The trio eagerly decides to get an Idol Academy Awards Nomination. However, the Producer is in trouble when he goes back to report to President Kuroi. The president tells him to wait for his next assignment, but after getting suspicious towards this man, Kuroi calls his Information Department to find out more about the Producer. As he thinks over what to do about their Producer, he grins over the introduction of a new unit: Jupiter.

As Sprout continues to get better and better jobs, the girls find some free time to plan what to do if an accident were to happen onstage. When the trio asks Kotori for tomorrows schedule, they can't find a printed version. The office lady gets onto the computer and after finding the schedule, finds an unnamed folder. Realizing it could hold a secret (or contain pornography as Kotori thinks), the girls open the folder and find several business documents. After seeing the many jobs he had laid out for them, the girls and a relieved Kotori eagerly wait to get working. The Producer finds them looking at his documents, but he is relieved none of them came even close to finding out his secret. As the girls prepare for a singing contest, the Producer feels confident that with SprouT's practice they will do fine. But when competition day comes, the idols and their Producer nearly arrive late and have a confrontation with President Kuroi and the idols of Jupiter.

Kuroi bad mouths the 765 PRO idols, claiming that they are a third rate, bargain bin unit not worthy to compete with the talented kings of 961 PRO. The girls retaliate and wait for their Producer to say something, but the man realizes that Kuroi is testing him. After staying silent, Touma Amagase tells them not to use any dirty tricks during the competition. Accusing them of stealing information and sabotaging other agencies, the boy ironically mentions that it must be "fun" using underhanded means to get the jobs they want. Kuroi chuckles at the mention of this.

Chapter 10 - Tilting the Scales

The Producer figures out that Touma really is angry with him because he apparently doesn't know they both work for 961 PRO. The man easily handles the situation with 961 PRO, but the girls don't take it very well. Almost developing evil personas, the idols become angry beyond belief at the thought of President Kuroi bad mouthing their beloved Producer. The girls give a cheer to beat the boys without their accused cheating, and drag the Producer to the studio. The Producer notes that their hands are shaking with worry, though, so he apologizes and for not saying anything about their accusations. He regretfully adds that he isn't sure if they'll win the contest, but the girls are confident that they can pull through for their Producer. The Producer decides to give them one last boost of confidence by lying to them that he's never done anything underhanded and that they aren't third rate of bargain bin idols. However, the 765 PRO idols note that he said that with a forced voice... Each of the idols find a rival from the opposite agency: Haruka and Touma prepare to defend/defeat 765 PRO's Producer, Hibiki and Shouta get are ready to fight it out, and Hokuto terrifies Yukiho with a wink.

Meanwhile, Kuroi pulls the Producer aside to talk to him. As Jupiter performs Alice or Guilty, the president gives his employee one last order. When SprouT loses the match, the Producer will force the group to disband. He refuses to do so, but misses SprouT's performance, making them lose their focus. Jupiter wins the already rigged contest, and the girls leave the stage completely heartbroken.

Chapter 11 - A Flash-Frozen Relationship

Kuroi laughs that he doesn't care about the Producer's decision because, Takagi's methods of trusting an idol are only going to lead the unit to failure. Kuroi reveals his true plan, to keep the Producer's cover until all at once it hits the unit as a giant shock that he was actually the enemy. Hibiki, Haruka, and Yukiho go looking for their Producer and admit to each other that the reason they didn't do well was because they didn't trust their Producer. Wanting to apologize to their Producer, the idols find him talking to Kuroi who shouts his congratulations to their Producer for infiltrating 765 Production. Upon realizing he said it to get the attention of the idols, the Producer finds the girls supporting his trust in them 100%. He apologizes for what he's done, as the girl's trust in him shatters. Revealing every dirty secret, Kuroi tears the Producer's reputation apart and reveals that he was the one who caused the accident during the LIVE (which was actually untrue). Unable to handle the situation, Haruka flees in tears with an upset Hibiki after her. Yukiho gives the man one last look before following her friends away. Kuroi laughs the entire sitaution as the Producer walks to 961 PRO with a letter of resignation. He then wanders to 765 PRO where he finds Kotori Otonashi and the President. He calmly explains the situation and awaits his punishment despite his want to continue to produce SprouT.

Chapter 12 - One Step Closer

Takagi announces that the Producer will continue on with the production of SprouT. Realizing only a good Producer would even try to come back and admit what he had done, the President has faith that the man will make better choices in the future and keep the girls' smiles going. Their performance alone has been astounding to say the least, but the Producer turns them down after remembering their dismayed and heartbroken faces upon getting the news that he was a spy. Takagi tells him to reflect on it overnight and comeback when he's feeling better. The next day, the girls receive the news that their Producer plans to leave 765 PRO and Kotori asks what they plan to do. Claiming to be fine on their own, Hibiki turns away and says she doesn't know that man anymore. Yukiho tries to keep them together, but Haruka admits that she can't think anymore. The trio walks away as the President and Kotori wait to see what happens. Yukiho continues to defend their Producer, despite Hibiki's clear rejection of him. When the matter is pressed, Haruka tells them to stop talking about it.

2 weeks later, Haruka and Hibiki skip a unit meeting and Yukiho goes to see Ritsuko. The producer rolls up a magazine and bops her on the head with it, saying she keeps too much bottled up and is eager to help if there are any troubles within the unit. Yukiho tells about everything that had happened, and Ritsuko sees that everyone in SprouT is currently just to worried to get their emotions out. Yukiho notes that everyone seems to want him back, but the trio is very sad, angry, and scared. When Ritsuko questions the scared part, Yukiho explains that he was the one who cut the power at the LIVE. Ritsuko quickly exclaims that it wasn't his fault (and she witnessed the event herself), and notes that his sabotage was almost non existent. Remebering Haruka's words that their Producer was always gone because he was doing something good for their sake, Yukiho immediately asks if there was any event she didn't know of and reads his computer files. Ritsuko calls the Producer and tells him to meet Yukiho in the city. Yukiho and the Producer talk and she sees his reasoning, he didn't tell the trio about his true relations because he didn't want them to get hurt. According to the computer, the jobs they took often had nothing to do with 961 PRO, adding to Yukiho's belief that he didn't want to cause them any trouble. Yukiho tells him to accept his mistakes and help SprouT move on, reaching out for him to come back. The Producer accepts the gesture and the two decide to continue being parts of 765 PRO. The Producer thanks Yukiho for her actions and forgiveness.

Chapter 13 - Dissonant Solo, Melodic Fugue

The Producer remarks on Yukiho's actions, calling her very determined. Yukiho admits she could never have done it in the past, but her resolve to save her unit and, even more important, her friendship with Haruka and Hibiki allowed her to do so. Happy that she has changed herself, Yukiho smiles at the thought of her growth. The Producer is pretty impressed that she even managed to hold out her hand to him, something she quickly says she was desperate at the time. Yukiho calls Haruka and Hibiki to the office for an important meeting, only for Hibiki to overreact and get angry at his appearance. Hibiki plans to walk out when the Producer explains that everything he did with them really was to help them. Saying an apology won't cut it, Hibiki leaves for a job and Haruka accepts him as their producer again. However, something is obviously bothering her. Still, Haruka seems impressed that Yukiho managed to get the Producer to come back by herself. Their Producer decides to check up on Hibiki's job, only to find out that the place she is working at is controlled by President Kuroi!

Around the same time, Hibiki arrives at 901 TV and begins to miss the Producer and feel bad for storming out of 765's office. However, she snaps out of her reverie and tells herself he's still a traitor. Deciding she doesn't need someone like him around, she is about to walk into a dressing room when she spots the nameplate: 765 Production Unit "SprouT". Wondering why it says the unit instead of just her, Hibiki opens the door when the manager arrives to greet her. As they introduce themselves, the man question why the unit isn't there for the recording. Hibiki says the offer only said she would be recording, forcing the man to ask if the company was at fault. Twisted for words, Hibiki struggles to say anything as the manager reminisces over the orders President Kuroi gave to him. The president tells him to mention in a heartbreaking way that it was her responsibility and make her suffer a penalty, as well as monetary compensation. As the man tells off Hibiki, he makes it clear that her failure would hurt Haruka and Yukiho as well and she is going to be forced to apologize to all of the units and their sponsors. As Hibiki holds back tears, the Producer arrives just in time with Haruka and Yukiho in tow. The manager is then forced to apologize to Hibiki for his actions to reprimand her. Producer explains his reasoning to Hibiki (that Kuroi set her up for failure), and the other two idols admit that without his help, Hibiki would have been in serious trouble. Realizing he really did care, Hibiki decides to trust him again and makes him promise never to betray or leave them again. The trio quickly head to the recording, with two of the idols fully feeling good about their relation with the Producer. Haruka, however, isn't in the best disposition.

Chapter 14 - Seeds of Regret

Meanwhile at 961 PRO, Kuroi is shocked to see that his plan failed due to the Producer he expected to be jobless. Unfortunately for 765 PRO, he does have a few tricks up his sleeve, such as a magazine article making it look like Hibiki is about to leave the unit, forcing SprouT to disband. When the article is published, Hibiki quickly states she isn't planning on leaving SprouT at anytime to Ryuuguu Komachi. The fellow 765 PRO idols had been worried for the girls, and Ritsuko admits that she told what had "happened" to their Producer. As Iori scolds him for overworking himself and ending up in the hospital, Ritsuko puts a finger to her lips and smiles. Ritsuko dismisses everyone and says she told a lie to keep the peace. The brunette asks what he plans to do to stop the rumors around Hibiki leaving SprouT. Later Haruka rides the train home, reflecting on how she felt when the Producer told the truth and how she ran away when he needed her the most. Instead of staying, she ran as if he really did break her trust and she had been too afraid to wonder how much she hurt his feelings. She then decides that she needs to apologize.

The next day, the Producer reveals he plans to give them more solo activities. They aren't going to disband the unit, and they are going to each get a new image song. The songs will feature an idol (Kosmos, Cosmos for Yukiho, Brand New Day! for Hibiki, and START!! for Haruka) with the other idols singing the chorus. This allows the group to do three times as many promotions and get rid of the implications of the gossip article. However, the Producer notes that this will cause the unit three times as many lessons on top of their usual unit lessons. Hibiki and Yukiho cheerfully agree to do so and Haruka shouts that she will do her best. Realizing that he won't be able to come to all of their events, the girls know that he will come running if they ever end up in trouble. As the weeks pass, SprouT can only grow in popularity and business. One day, the Producer catches Haruka during a lesson after Hibiki and Yukiho expressed worry about her. The Producer tries to set some time aside so she can rest, but Haruka vehemently disagrees. She wants to tell him that she doesn't want to regret anything, but she can't seem to say what she feels. The Producer sighs and apologizing, thinking that she hasn't been able to trust him yet.
After the lesson, Haruka and the Producer discuss her next solo activity. Jupiter and Kuroi are planned to be there but he won't, so the Producer suggests to cancel the event. However, Haruka simply says she'll do the event, and the Producer reluctantly decides to allow her to. Unfortunately on the day of the event, the Producer receives a call saying Haruka Amami collapsed in the studio.

Chapter 15 - Relationship REST@RT

The Producer races to the hospital, only to find Hibiki, Yukiho, and Jupiter in Haruka's hospital room. The man immediately asks what Kuroi did to injure Haruka, and Touma Amagase and the Producer nearly get into a fight until Yukiho scolds both of them for being so loud in the ward. The doctor says she fainted from exhaustion, and Haruka quickly wakes up. Jupiter explains what happened and Touma scolds Haruka for making everyone worry. When the idol says nothing happened during the broadcast, the group realizes they jumped to conclusions and didn't even try to listen to what the boys had to say. Jupiter asks what the Producer meant when he accused Kuroi of something, but he quickly says it was nothing. Jupiter and SprouT consider each other even in verbal abuse, and the 961 unit leaves. Hibiki asks why he didn't say anything to them about Kuroi, but Yukiho answers with the fact that everything Kuroi did had nothing to do with them. They were just doing there job and didn't know Kuroi's actions, and if they put it together, they could be in for serious trouble.

The Producer apologizes to Haruka for not taking note of her health, who tries again to put the blame on herself, only to have him say again that it was his fault. While Yukiho and Hibiki give them some privacy, Haruka tells him that it is okay to be angry with her sometimes. The Producer reveals that he's afraid to hurt them, though, after the recent events that nearly broke their trust for good. He'd be hurting himself and the unit if he did get angry with them. Realizing he had tried to be secretive to protect them, Haruka gets it in her mind that the one who made the lies regrettable was her by running away. Haruka apologized for her actions, and admits that the whole situation of her collapsing started by her inability to say to him that she was sorry. He again tries to put the blame on himself, only for Haruka to shout that he doesn't have to keep protecting them or not show anger towards them. She just wants the unit to be happy and able to move forward. Haruka doesn't want any atonement or have him make up for his actions, because shouldering all that would be cruel.

Upon hearing her pleas, Hibiki and Yukiho push forward and Yukiho apologizes for just watching the entire time. Hibiki gets frustrated with both of them because they both are trying to take the blame for each other, without even listening to each other. She translate Haruka's feeling for her by summing it up as it doesn't matter whose fault it is. She echoes that the two are extremely alike, which Haruka mentions is what Miki and Makoto said. Hibiki reminds him that he isn't producing SprouT as atonement, and the Producer finds what he needed to continue. Hibiki takes the opportunity to have the Producer scold Haruka for her actions, which make the Okinawan realize that he needs to stop calling them by their last names (he had been doing that since the beginning of the book) and use their first names. Haruka laughs and says she can now truly believe in him. The Producer thanks her, but not without an honorific. He says he will try to do better in the future.

Chapter 16 - Budding Motivation, Growing Branches

During the next monthly report, Kotori falls asleep standing up! When questioned about it, she reveals she has been trying to watchevery single one of the idols' programs. Ritsuko chews her out for even attempting it, as it is starting to get in the way of her already giant schedule. The President manages to get her to stop by mentioning how nice it is to support someone on the air, and it's all thanks to the hard work of producers. Ritsuko blushes with a bit of pride, but she claims that the idols are the ones really doing the hard work. Kotori tells the female producer not to be so modest, after all, she did give up her job as an idol to support everyone as a producer. Ritsuko frowns and says it was simply a good opportunity and that she did it because she wanted to. The 19-year-old says it wasn't her doing anyway, proclaiming him to be the one who changed 765 PRO's fate by allowing the popular unit he put together to have a combined LIVE with Ryuuguu Komachi. His actions also caused the creation of two new units: One-Two→Tails and Kachou Fuugetsu. The President warns the successful producers and Kotori not to overwork themselves. Kotori eventually gets back to doing the Monthly Report.

As the members of SprouT, Miki, and Makoto listen to SprouT's Monthly Report, they find that their Triple P.R. Campaign worked well enough to get them back in the running for an Idol Academy Award Nomination. When Makoto asks what the Triple P.R. Campaign was, Yukiho explains that the trio did solo jobs on top of their group jobs to promote SprouT. Miki exclaims that that sounded like a lot of hard work, to which Haruka replies that it wasn't very hard. The Producer notes that they still have to keep promoting if they want to win award, and goes through their schedule for the next day. Makoto and Miki listen in, making the Producer unable to call the girls by their first names until Haruka pulls him aside. As the two argue over what to call the girls, Yukiho steps in and forces them to continue. He tells Yukiho and Kikuchi that they will be shooting a commercial with him coming along. Haruka, Hibiki, and Hoshii will be going to have dance lessons.

Yukiho and Makoto shoot the sports drink and tea commercial, and Makoto remarks that it must be nice to have someone watching an idol's back. After Makoto performs to Jitensha and Yukiho to Kosmos, Cosmos, Makoto asks if she can try and have a girly image. Meanwhile, Haruka, Hibiki, and Miki are doing a dance lesson when Miki makes a mistake. However, Haruka becomes rather envious after Miki gets most of the song down after only watching it a few times. While Haruka gets jealous over Miki's natural movement and mannerisms, Miki takes notice that Hibiki has changed quite a bit. Back when she was still solo, Hibiki only cared how she looked during lessons, but now she teaches the other idols what to do and enjoys it a lot more. Haruka calms down and decides to keep the lesson going, but is forced to chase down a lazy Miki. In the meantime, Makoto dressed up in a frilly dress only to get a negative response. When the workers try to get her to go back to her cool image, Makoto asks if Yukiho could fill the boyish role. Yukiho agrees to do it, but it doesn't go well and she ends up digging a hole, according to a phone call to Hibiki from the Producer. Haruka forces Miki to continue with their lessons, but the blond is too exhausted to continue. When Haruka keeps practicing, Hibiki explains that it's because she knows she's not good at dancing, so she'll cram as much as she can into a practice. Miki complains that it's a lot of hard work, but Haruka makes it look like so much fun that both Miki and Hibiki join her for the rest of the lesson.

At 961 Production, Kuroi turns on a television set only to see Yukiho and Makoto's commercial. The man gets angry over the fact that he can't seem to avoid the idols of 765 PRO wherever he looks. Knowing it's his former spy's fault, he says he will crush 765 Production under his foot.

Chapter 17 - Here we go!!

Haruka, Yukiho, and Hibiki introduce their new radio show: SprouT radio. Producer watches and notes that he needs to check up on Yayoi and Mami because he is helping Kotori manage their schedule. In a fan letter, the DOTOP pickup station is revealed to have put out a good work for SprouT and it seems likely that they will receive an Idol Academy Awards Nomination. When Hibiki asks Haruka how she feels about that, the idol admits she forgot and causes the group's danketsu to fall into very low levels. After Haruka explains herself, the radio show progresses and the Producer wonders if there is anything he can do to help the girls get an almost positive confirmation into getting a Nomination. The producer suggests a Nationwide LIVE Tour with every idol from 765 Production. Ritsuko agrees to the idea and smiles at the thought of a chance for everyone to get into the Nominations. The Producer laughs that it's finally his turn to come up with ideas and he goes to adjust all of the other idols schedules to fit the performance, as well as talk to Kotori about managing the agency's budget.

SprouT and Ryuuguu Komachi both support the idea right off the bat, but the Producer is worried about how Miki will respond. However, she is very eager and jumps at the opportunity to catch up with Haruka and the others, making the Producer very surprised at her enthusiasm. He then goes to ask One-Two→Tails after a Taiko no Tatsujin tutorial. Both idols are very lively and excitedly agree to take part in the tour. Makoto also agree to do the tour, but she seems genuinely frustrated at her lack of a producer. When the Producer says he'll be producing everybody for the show, Makoto asks if he will be her producer afterwords, but he says that he promised Haruka not to overwork himself. Chihaya and Takane are unsure if they should join, and the younger idol accuses him of acting irresponsibly when he says they'll have to cancel some of their current projects. Takane has to hold Chihaya's mouth closed to allow the Producer to explain what his plans were to make the schedules fit. Kachou Fuugetsu then decides to officially be a part of the tour, allowing all of the idols of 765 PRO to be available for the Nationwide LIVE Tour. Kotori and Ritsuko confirm all of the logistics, and declare that the tour can be officially set.

For the next several weeks, 765 Production rehearse, promote, and get the venues ready for the tour. On the night before it starts, the idols all perform their best during rehearsal and are exhausted afterwords. However, Haruka charges along and plans a group cheer. The tour begins and the idols cheer to aim for the IA Awards and shoot for Top Idol! The idols take to the stage and perform the largest LIVE any of them had ever been part in.

Chapter 18 - More and More

After they finish their first concert, Ritsuko talks to them backstage, and declares that they will run through the schedule on the way to the hotel. The idols meet outside in their street clothes and find two rental cars, to be driven by the Producer and Ritsuko. As the female producer drags Ryuuguu Komachi, Takane, Chihaya, and Makoto into their car, the other idols pile into Producer's van, and reflect on the fun they had onstage. Miki asks who has received their IA Awards Nomination, but the Producer admits that only Ryuuguu Komachi has recieved one so far. The blond asks if she will get one, but he says it depends on the other jobs she's done. Mami asks if she feels cheated, to which she replies yea, because she doesn't have a producer helping her. Yayoi smiles and says she'll get lots of jobs after the LIVE Tour, because that was what had happened to both Mami and Yayoi. Producer's van gets to the hotel and the group reviews the schedule. Yukiho and Hibiki go to their room and note that without a producer, they probably wouldn't be where they are. Meanwhile, Haruka is talking with the Producer about the other 765 PRO idols without a producer. Realizing how he must feel, Haruka explains that it is okay to want to help them, but he can't keep overworking himself. Hibiki and Yukiho walk in and note that it doesn't feel right to let them hang out to dry. The Producer asks if he can overwork himself just this once, but the girls instantly reply no. After begging the trio, he is eventually allowed to produce the other idols of 765 PRO.

Ritsuko finally arrives with the other girls in tow. Iori's screaming alone must have been difficult on the road, notes the Producer. He calms Iori down, and Chihaya asks if they can go over the schedule since they didn't in the car. Ritsuko smiles and pulls out... nothing. It turns out that she left her notebook back in the control room of the venue. The Producer then goes through the schedule by memory, grinning at the fact that he made the schedules himself. Disheartened, Ritsuko listens as she thinks over her fault. Iori rudely asks the lamenting girl why she can't even do the job was assigned. The former idol brushes it off, saying it happens all the time and goes back to the venue to get her notebook. The Producer can't help but feel a little worried for her.

As he managed their schedules, the Producer mentions that the hardest part of the tour is keeping to all of the tight schedules. However, the concerts seem to be going well until one night before an Osaka concert. Ritsuko had tuned out of as the idols rehearsed, and the performers note that the female producer had seemed down lately. The Producer ponders on her behavior, and thinks she can't handle the stress because she has been making simple mistakes and is letting them get to her. When Iori harshly calls her out, she asks if Ritsuko has lost her drive to be a producer. Obviously near tears, Ritsuko turns away and tells the Producer to watch over the idols. Ritsuko leaves the room in tears, apologizing to the group for being so useless. Iori stands nervously as the young woman disappears behind the door.

The world is all one!! Volume 3

THE iDOLM@STER 2 The world is all one 3
Front cover
Manga details
Original title: アイドルマスター2 The world is all one !! 3
Romanised title: THE IDOLM@STER 2 The world is all one !! 3
Translated title: THE IDOLM@STER 2 The world is all one!! 3
Author: 祐 佑 (YuuYuu)
Pages: 174
Size: 18 x 12.6 x 2 cm
Publication date: 27 March 2013
Publisher: ASCII Media Works
ISBN: 978-4048913553

The world is all one!! Volume 4

THE iDOLM@STER 2 The world is all one 4
Front cover
Manga details
Original title: アイドルマスター2 The world is all one !! 4
Romanised title: THE IDOLM@STER 2 The world is all one !! 4
Translated title: THE IDOLM@STER 2 The world is all one!! 4
Author: 祐 佑 (YuuYuu)
Pages: 194
Size: 18 x 12.8 x 1.4 cm
Publication date: 26 October 2013
Publisher: ASCII Media Works
ISBN: 978-4048919241

The world is all one!! Volume 5

THE iDOLM@STER 2 The world is all one 5
Front cover
Manga details
Original title: アイドルマスター2 The world is all one !! 5
Romanised title: THE IDOLM@STER 2 The world is all one !! 5
Translated title: THE IDOLM@STER 2 The world is all one!! 5
Author: 祐 佑 (YuuYuu)
Pages: 194
Size: 18 x 12.8 x 2.2 cm
Publication date: 26 April 2014
Publisher: ASCII Media Works
ISBN: 978-4048665353