THE iDOLM@STER 2 Colorful Days

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THE iDOLM@STER 2: Colorful Days 1
Front cover
Manga details
Original title: アイドルマスター2: Colorful Days 1
Romanised title: THE IDOLM@STER 2: Colorful Days 1
Translated title: THE IDOLM@STER 2: Colorful Days 1
Author: しゅー (Shu)
Pages: 191
Size: 18.2 x 12.8 x 2.2 cm
Publication date: 27 October 2011
Publisher: ASCII Media Works
ISBN: 978-4048861106

THE iDOLM@STER 2: Colorful Days is a manga series focusing on all of the 765 PRO idols around the time of THE iDOLM@STER 2. It was jointly released with THE iDOLM@STER 2: The world is all one!! and THE iDOLM@STER 2 Nemurihime mangas. This is the only manga of the trio not to feature the Producer as a character, and focuses on one idol per chapter for the first two volumes, until the third volume shifts from a gag manga to a more dramatic storyline.

Colorful Days Volume 1

Chapter 1 - Leave Everything to 765 PRO!

All of the 765 PRO idols introduce the chapter, and announce their plans to become Top Idols despite their losing streak in audition.
The idols of 765 PRO are a bit down in the dumps after not getting any jobs for a while, but Kotori Otonashi bursts into the 765 PRO office with an announcement. The office lady managed to land a job for everyone at the agency, but many of the idols aren't very pleased as they arrive at the event. Ryuuguu Komachi will be performing at an amusement park, forcing the other idols to work as staff. The park is empty though, and no one shows up for the LIVE. The other girls of 765 PRO decide to work together to get people to watch, but their methods worry Ritsuko. Haruka and Makoto wear silly hats of the mascot to attract people, but their bickering and Haruka's tripping on make bystanders laugh. Yayoi, Chihaya, and Takane try to convince several people, but to no avail. Yayoi's energetic response to the lack of knowledge towards Ryuuguu Komachi does managed to convince quite a few people though. Mami and Hibiki also bring people to the amusement park... by having Hibiki's pets steal their property. Hibiki apologizes to the angry group of people and gives them back their valuables.

Ritsuko thanks them for their efforts, as a good sized crowd does come watch the unit. When Ritsuko "dismisses" the idols to enjoy the park, she finds Miki sleeping (having been too lazy to help promote the event), earning the blond an earful of Ritsuko's scolding. Chihaya notices that even the safe rides have roller coaster safety equipment and harnesses, but the other idols ignore it. The rides get more scary and dangerous as the day goes on, from "Go-Karts of Self Destruction" to shooting games that the monsters come out of. The idols quickly realize that the theme park is very weird, especially when Yukiho and Azusa pass out from fear on a merry-go-round. Ritsuko finds a pamphlet and reads about the park. She quickly finds out that the amusement park is actually a scary theme park too extreme for many people to even want to enter.

After escaping the park, the girls arrive at the office and see an article about them in the newspaper. Unfortunately, the article suggests that they are part of a comedy group for the theme park and doesn't even mention Ryuuguu Komachi. All in all, the promotion is deemed a failure.

Chapter 2 - Kinderidols

Chihaya introduces the chapter by asking her future producer to give her a chance to sing to people. She begins to complain when the next place that she is revealed to be working at is a kindergarten. Having been so focused on singing, she didn't notice the conditions of the job (the idols would be performing a script written by President Takagi for kindergarteners). Makoto finds half of the script empty and Kotori says that the president's orders were to just improvise the rest. Yukiho and Takane play the parts of two hungry sisters, but Takane collapses in starvation after she reveals she didn't eat anything for the past two days to play the part with realism. Miki, playing a prince,goes onstage and stuffs Takane's face with onigiri. Yukiho is left alone as Takane follows Miki offstage, and she eventually stumbles upon a giant piece of meat. Playing a lion, Yayoi guards the food until "Hibikiman" and "Chihayael" arrive. Playing a superhero and an angel respectively, Hibiki and Chihaya argue over who would save Yukiho. Chihaya reluctantly allows Hibiki the honor, but immediately regrets it upon realizing that doesn't know when to start singing the song she had been practicing due to it being in the ad-lib part of the script. The two continue to fight until Haruka, playing a tree in the background, moves and causes the entire set to fall on the fighting duo. Yukiho and Yayoi manage to be fine (Yukiho dug a hole just in time), and story ends with the sister and lion becoming friends and eating the meat together.

After Ritsuko reviews their work, the girls dress in uniforms to get ready to play with the kids. Unfortunately for the younger idols, not enough adult uniforms were brought, so Ami, Mami, Yayoi, Iori, Miki, Hibiki, and Chihaya are forced into children's smocks. The idols are released to go play with the kindergartners and everything is going fine until a little girl calls Haruka "Haruka-sensei". Chihaya calls Haruka over to talk, but the brunette only makes an angry face and tells "Chi-chan" to call her Haruka-sensei. Chihaya managed to do so as Hibiki lets her crocodile play with the kids. Iori watches in horror as Hibiki's pet playfully chomps up a kid (who is completely unhurt). Makoto notices that Azusa looks quite a bit like a mother in this getup, but when she voices her opinion, Azusa takes it negatively. Meanwhile, Yayoi's charisma is spreading to the kids, who are adopting her mannerisms. After Yukiho reveals her "special ability" to digging holes, the kindergartners ask Chi-chan to do something special too. She is about to start singing when Haruka interrupts her and scares away the kids.

It is soon time for the day to end, and the girls leave the kindergarten. Chihaya, thoroughly annoyed that Haruka won't stop calling her Chi-chan, gets depressed about not singing, so Yukiho attempts to cheer her up by allowing her to sing in a telephone booth, but only manages to make her even more angry as people stop to take pictures of her in a children's smock. Back at the office, the older idols find a box of more children's clothes as a thank you gift from the kids. Azusa wonders out loud if they will ever use it, but Ritsuko and Haruka laugh that it's rather unlikely. Unfortunately for them, Chihaya walks in with a smug grin and tells them not to waste the present. The younger idols attack their former "teachers" and force them into the children's clothes, with Chihaya calling Haruka "Haru-chan". The uniforms are soon later sealed away after being declared too dangerous.

Chapter 3 - Sleeping Miki

Chapter 4 - Together with Azusa-san

Chapter 5 - Yukiho's Training Cave

Chapter 6 - Summer Be@ch Be@t!

Chapter 7 - Please! Magical Girl Yayoi-chan

Chapter 7.5 - Special Chapter - The Days of Kotori's Struggle

Extra Chapter - Prologue Comic

Colorful Days Volume 2

THE iDOLM@STER 2: Colorful Days 2
Front cover
Manga details
Original title: アイドルマスター2: Colorful Days 2
Romanised title: THE IDOLM@STER 2: Colorful Days 2
Translated title: THE IDOLM@STER 2: Colorful Days 2
Author: しゅー (Shu)
Pages: 188
Size: 18.2 x 13 x 1.6 cm
Publication date: 27 October 2012
Publisher: ASCII Media Works
ISBN: 978-4048910538

Chapter 8 - Amimami Wars: First Half

Chapter 9 - Amimami Wars: Second Half

Chapter 10 - The Drip From the Moon

Chapter 11 - The Lonely Snow Rabbit

Chapter 12 - The Real Makoto

Chapter 13 - Run! Producer Ritsuko!

Colorful Days Volume 3

THE iDOLM@STER 2: Colorful Days 3
Front cover
Manga details
Original title: アイドルマスター2: Colorful Days 3
Romanised title: THE IDOLM@STER 2: Colorful Days 3
Translated title: THE IDOLM@STER 2: Colorful Days 3
Author: しゅー (Shu)
Pages: 184
Size: 18.2 x 13 x 1.8 cm
Publication date: 25 April 2013
Publisher: ASCII Media Works
ISBN: 978-4048914659

Chapter 14

Chapter 15

Chapter 16

Chapter 17 - The Tiny Star We All Reach For

Chapter 18

Chapter 19 - Emotional Messages, Please Reach Them

Chapter 20 - The Final Piece

Chapter 21 - New Days [End]