Sunset Nostalgia

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Sunset Nostalgia
General Unit Data
Original Name: サンセットノスタルジー
Translated Name: Sunset Nostalgia/Nostalgie
Members: Mio Honda
Kumiko Matsuyama
Miu Yaguchi
Debuted in: THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls

Sunset Nostalgia (alternatively spelled Sunset Nostalgie) is a unit formed in the THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls. It is one of several initial Cinderella Girls units that have been around since November 28, 2011. The unit's official name, however, only appeared first on October 30, 2013.

The unit is also spun-off into the duo Sunset Twin Star, consisting of Mio and Kumiko.

Unit Costumes

Trivia and Fan Culture


  • Sunset Nostalgia is the only initial unit featuring a New Generation member that is yet to either receive a new song (and an event based on it) or be expanded as in the case of Triad Primus (which started off as the initial unit Black Gothic Dress featuring Karen Hojo as the third member).
    • This is possibly due to Sunset Nostalgia (except Mio since the third Cinderella Girl Election) never ranking anywhere in either Top 30 (in the case of the first Cinderella Girl Election) or Top 50 (in the case of any other elections), both in preliminary and final ranks.
      • Perhaps as a means of rectifying this, another unit featuring Mio was introduced on June 26, 2013, featuring other Passion idols that ranked at least in the first election's Top 30.
  • The existence of the double romanizations stems from the fact that the Japanese name is written as Sansetto Nosutarujī (サンセットノスタルジー), which is romanized as Sunset Nostalgie (or even Nostalgy) by native Japanese speakers, whereas Sunset Nostalgia is more commonly used by English speakers.
    • This is because in this case, Nostalgie is a French loanword instead of English, thus the first romanization is considered the proper one by several fans.
      • Additionally, the argument that the unit name is a mixture of English and French words is supported by the existence of song titles featuring a mixture of English and Japanese, such as Saite Jewel.
  • Sunset Nostalgia is also the name of Yayoi's costume of her second SS Rare card set in Million Live! Theater Days.
  • Each two members share a few unique similarities not found in the another one. The examples are as follows:
    • Mio and Miu are both from Chiba and share the B blood type. Their surname and forename are in two kanji each and their full names in five kana.
    • Miu and Kumiko both have a 美 kanji in their name, an 81 cm bust size, and a 56 cm waist size.
    • Mio's and Kumiko's height is 161 cm, and their birthdays can be written as 121 (Kumiko's at January 21st and Mio's at December 1st).

Fan Culture

  • Hasumi is sometimes considered the fourth member by fans (often in a humorous manner), since her main gimmick is that of a nostalgic idol.
  • "It's so cold that it becomes a sunset nostalgia (寒すぎてサンノスになったわね Samusugite Sannosu ni natta wa ne)", a line attributed to Kumiko, has become a common catchphrase uttered by fans alike during cold weathers.
    • This is a pun-based joke based on the word "too cold" (寒すぎ samusugi) itself. Such jokes commonly use other words starting with at least one of the syllables from the word samusu (さむす), including but not limited to Samsung (サムスン Samusun).
  • Because of the members' contrasting interests and skills, many fans consider the difference their charm point. Some even suggest that the members are both friends and rivals at the same time.