Radio de iM@CHU!!

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Radio de iM@CHU!!
Radio Show Data
Title: ラジオdeアイマCHU!!
Station: Animate TV
Broadcast Format: Streaming
First Broadcast: April 21, 2011
Last Broadcast: November 27, 2014
Air Time: Thursdays
Total Broadcasts: 182
Hosts: Akiko Hasegawa
Mayako Nigo
Asami Shimoda
Predecessor: Radio de iM@STAR☆

Radio de iM@CHU!! was an internet radio broadcast channel that featured the personalities: Akiko Hasegawa, Mayako Nigo, and Asami Shimoda. The broadcast period was from April 21, 2011 to November 27, 2014. Radio de iM@CHU!! released several CD albums featuring songs and talk sessions by the unit created for the show.

Honey Citrus (ハニーシトラス Hanii Shitorasu) is a unit created by and featuring Akiko Hasegawa, Mayako Nigo, and Asami Shimoda. Because Radio de iM@STAR☆ featured both Mayako and Akiko, Asami was considered the newcomer. A listener suggested the name, and it stuck. The trio produced two unit songs: called Mon Chéri and Radio☆Magical. It is worth noting that before the unit name came along, the trio went by HaNiShi (はにし) because each symbol was the first syllable of their last name.

Album Discography

CD Release Date
DJCD ラジオdeアイマCHU!! EXTRA
DJCD Radio de iM@CHU!! EXTRA
October 19, 2011
DJCD ラジオdeアイマCHU!! SP01
DJCD Radio de iM@CHU!! SP01
November 30, 2011
DJCD ラジオdeアイマCHU!! SP02
DJCD Radio de iM@CHU!! SP02
July 10, 2012
DJCD Radio de iM@CHU!! Special CD
May 19, 2013
DJCD Radio de iM@CHU!! World Tour!!
September 10, 2014
DJCD ラジオdeアイマCHU!! ますたーぴーCHU!!
DJCD Radio de iM@CHU!! Masterpiece!!
January 30, 2015

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