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Current and Upcoming Events

Current and upcoming events are:

Events and Broadcasts

General News

Submission translations (* = required):

  1. Name of the Idol You Want to Sing the Song For*
  2. Song Title (1 song)*
  3. Name of the Original Singer of the Above Song*
  4. Reason for Choosing the Song
  5. Please feel free to write a message, request, or question to the idol you have chosen. (ex. Anything you would like the idol to challenge)
  6. Please indicate any requests you have for the future of the "THE iDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS" series.
  7. Producer Name (if won, your name will show up in the CD booklet)*
  8. Gender (Male, Female, Other)*
  9. Age Group*
  10. Place of Residence (The final option is for overseas players 海外)
  • "Stage for Cinderella" GROUP B Final Rankings have been published.
  • Seena Hoshiki, the voice of Riamu Yumemi, has announced a hiatus from work after a diagnosis of acute lymphocytic leukemia. She will be on hiatus during treatment. Please wish her a speedy recovery.
  • Minami Takahashi, the voice of Konomi Baba, will be taking a temporary hiatus to undergo throat treatment.

Upcoming Concerts / Lives


Digital Download (OTOTOY)







Games and Downloadable Content

Print Works


  • 15th anniversary goods:
    • Pure gold medallion
    • Whiskey and glass