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Puchimasu! character data
Name: ぴよぴよ (Piyopiyo)
Voice actor: 滝田樹里 (Takita Juri)
Based on: Kotori Otonashi
Named by: Chihaya Kisaragi
Owner: None
  • Pii!
  • Piyo!
Manga Debut: Volume 1 - Chapter 10
Anime Debut: Season 1 - Episode 27
Image color: Light Yellow

Piyopiyo (ぴよぴよ Piyopiyo) is a Puchidol from the Puchimasu! series and is based on 765 Production's secretary, Kotori Otonashi. She is voiced by Juri Takita. Before her debut in the Puchimasu! manga, she was featured as DLC and preview design in THE iDOLM@STER SP with a placeholder name of Puchipiyo. Her name of Piyopiyo would later be revealed in the May 2009 issue of Dengenki Maoh.

Statistics and Biography



Accessory Type Head PiyopiyoSPDLC.jpg
Vocal High
Catalog 03


A puchidol that resembles Kotori Otonashi and for some reason is better at Kotori at her own job. Combined with Chicchan, the two are capable of almost anything.



Puchimasu! manga

Piyopiyo is introduced as a Puchidol looking for the 765 Production office although it is not very clear exactly where she received knowledge about 765 Production. Producer stumbles upon her while she is looking for the office noticing that she resembles Afu. While the Producer offers to escort Piyopiyo to the office, he fails to arrive at their destination as he is suddenly taken into custody by the police who mistaken him as a suspicious predator. Piyopiyo would eventually arrive to the office on her own, but not without being ensnared by a trap setup by Hibiki who hoped to catch a Puchidol for herself. Unfortunately for Hibiki, Kotori was quick to claim ownership of Piyopiyo in the end. Chihaya also ends up giving Piyopiyo her name randomly without input from everyone else, but everyone accepted her new name anyways. Eventually she becomes a helper for the rapidly growing 765 Production as a senior figure to the other Puchidols and a hardworking secretary. The green bag she brought along with her to the 765 Production office would contain another puchidol which would later be revealed as Makochii.

Puchimasu! anime

The events of Piyopiyo's discovery play out similarly as the manga. However, the part where Piyopiyo is caught in Hibiki's trap is omitted entirely. Because of the limited screentime of the Puchimasu anime along with content exclusive to the animated series, a lot of Piyopiyo's characterization and traits are not fully explained.

Abilities and personality

Piyopiyo is shown to have the following abilities and traits:

  • Flight
  • She is intelligent enough to work as a secretary for 765 Production and is better than Kotori at her own job.
  • Despite her appearances, Piyopiyo is fairly strong and can carry heavy loads at the cost of her flying speed and altitude.
  • Piyopiyo is one of the few Puchidols who is not entirely dependent an owner and stays in the office.
    • She has her own dedicated futon in the office.

Game Discography


Piyopiyo appears as an accessory in the game with the placeholder name of Puchipiyo since she did not debut in the manga serialization yet. Unlike other Puchidols who are available by buying the entirety of a DLC catalog, she is simply a purchased accessory. She raises the Vocal stat and can be worn on the Head slot.


  • Piyopiyo's character design and motif revolve around birds.
  • Piyopiyo's name is derived from the onomatopoeia from birds with piyo having an English equivalent of chirp or tweet.
  • Unlike Kotori, Piyopiyo does not share her tendency to have nosebleeds and fantasize questionable scenarios.
  • Because Piyopiyo mainly flies to get around, she is actually unfamiliar with walking movements and struggles to use her legs for anything other than standing still.
  • Piyopiyo is one of the few puchidols who can handle the bitterness of the manjuu shop owner's special herbal medicine.