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General Unit Data
Original Name: ももぺあべりー
Translated Name: Peach Pear Berry
Members: Momoka Sakurai
Risa Matoba
Arisu Tachibana
Debuted in: Cinderella Girls

MomoPearBerry is a tricolor idol unit appearing in Cinderella Girls. This trio consists of 12-year-old idols Momoka Sakurai, Risa Matoba, and Arisu Tachibana.


The unit made their debut as rival unit at the "LIVE Tour Carnival Dearly Stars Night" on December 9th 2016, with the trio wearing Santa outfits. In that particular storyline, they play the role of powerful idols who win the Christmas festival set up by Mai Hidaka. Momoka and Risa participated in the preliminary round as "MomoPear", and in the finals they were joined by Arisu as the "MomoPearBerry" trio.

Unit Description

MomoPearBerry's unit name is derived from a fruit associated with three members, namely:

  • Momoka: Peach - Taken from the first kanji of her given name (桃), simplified to hiragana "もも" (momo)
  • Risa: Pear - Derived from the first kanji of her given name (梨, "nashi", also read as "ri"), translated into "pear", and romanized as "ぺあ" (pea)
  • Arisu: Berry - Her favourite fruit being strawberry, shortened into "べりー" (berii)

This unit is divided into three subunits:

  • MomoPear (ももぺあ) - Momoka and Risa (Debuted in December 2016's Live Tour Carnival)
  • MomoBerry (ももべりー) - Momoka and Arisu (Debuted in 2nd Swimsuit Dream Live Festival, July 2017)
  • PearBerry (ぺあべりー) - Risa and Arisu (Debuted in 33rd Dream Live Festival, October 2017)

Momoka represents Cute and Visual, Risa represents Passion and Dance, while Arisu represents Cool and Vocal.

The U149 manga includes these three and allows readers to see the interaction between the members. Among them, Momoka and Risa are portrayed as "bossy" with a high awareness of being seen, while Risa and Arisu are portrayed as problem children who tend to look unsociably at the Producer. Momoka and Arisu are seen as good rivals, while Risa, who has a strong rivalry with Momoka, feels marginalized and impatient. However, it seems that this uneasy relationship between Momoka and Arisu was caused by a difference in perception, and it later fell apart.

Game Discography

THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls

The unit has appeared as rivals in four Mobamas events. Besides the December 2016 Live Tour Carnival event, they also appeared in the 37th Dream Live Festival (2018), the 4th Music JAM (2020), and the 46th Idol LIVE Royale (2021).

The unit together has been featured twice in Theater skits, episode 1029 and 1614, both of which are coincidentally Momoka-centric as these are for her SR cards (Pleasure of Cotton Snow and Waterside Flowers, respectively).
In episode 1029, Momoka shares her memories of her Germany trip with the Producer to Arisu and Risa, while giving a souvenir of Schneeball sweets to them. However, not wanting to disappoint the other two, she decided not to continue further telling them because despite of her plans to enjoy the long night, she fell asleep night away.
In episode 1614, the situation is similar, except now Momoka told her experience in her family villa and teasing the producer to give a massage. The other two react in doubt, as shown in the last panel.

Trivia and Fan Culture

  • MomoPearBerry ranked 8th in the second Dream Unit Battle on Cinderella Girls mobage.
  • MomoPearBerry were one of the cover idols for the Cinderella Girls x Sweets Paradise 2019 Collaboration, as well as the central unit. Together with other idols featured, each of them received their own themed desserts. For MomoPearBerry, they were given drinks (Peach Ice Tea for Momoka, Pear Soda for Risa, and Strawberry Soda for Arisu) available in take-out stores. The coasters that come with the menus are individually illustrated, but the Akihabara store has also added a version featuring Momoka, Risa, and Arisu together as the trio.
  • Of all subunits, MomoBerry (or MomoAri) is the most popular one, dating back to the Near to You 2016 Token event in Starlight Stage. This pairing also received a duet version of Hi-Fi☆Days in THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS U149 1 Original CD.
  • All members of the unit are affiliated with Little Marching Band Girls.