Mikokoro Sano

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Mikokoro Sano
Mikokoro as she appears in NovelsM@ster
General Character Data
Name: 佐野美心 (Sano Mikokoro)
Voice actor: Unvoiced
Height: 165 cm
Birthday: May 5th
Three sizes: 86-52-8?

Mikokoro Sano (佐野美心 Sano Mikokoro) is an idol of DNA Productions. She initially appeared as a CPU in the arcade version. She is unvoiced.



Producer Name 最強
Rank S
Image Vocal
Level 15
Reporter Ace
Production Agency 神奈川/未来館

Character Description

Mikokoro is a shy girl who is very modest and smart. She has values that she holds higher than her career and is a firm believer that idols both unknown and famous need a stage surrounded by people who love them. She is known for her amazing vocal skills, a talent that she prefers not mentioning. Even so, she is perfectly happy staying a low ranked idol as long as she gets to volunteer at small town places and retirement homes. Mikokoro has short, wavy hair that is considered to be a dark green/aqua color. She wears glasses and dresses conservatively.

Game Appearances


Mikokoro appears as a high ranking CPU idol in the game. Considered to be one of the highest in the game, she is known to be the "Vocal Master" of the game.


Mikokoro reprises her role in this game as a CPU, and is the same as her arcade appearance.

THE iDOLM@STER Starlit Season

Media Appearances

THE iDOLM@STER relations

Sano plays a large part in the relations manga, acting as a rival and friend of Miki Hoshii. She is produced by Yukie Yabushite of DNA Productions.

This article contains spoilers from THE iDOLM@STER relations

Before the events of THE iDOLM@STER relations, Mikokoro was originally a legendary idol who was known as "The Idol Goddess". She eventually quit her career under this name, and instead decided to volunteer her time performing at a retirement home. Three years later, a producer named Yukie Yabushite from DNA Productions hunted her down and hounds her into becoming an idol again. Sano reluctantly agrees to the idea and decides to take part in the "TOP×TOP" audition.

At the audition Sano meets Miki Hoshii, who is also participating in the event. Miki believes her to be a poor lowly idol that has been forced into menial jobs and decides to cheer on Mikokoro. However, Mikokoro blows everyone at the audition away by revealing her true talent in singing. The audience even begins to wonder if such high abilities should be allowed in the audition.

Mikokoro wins the audition by a landslide, but invites Miki to be in a unit performance with her. Miki misunderstands and believes Mikokoro is asking her to leave 765 Production. Mikokoro reveals that she is simply doing a performance at the "Nikko Nikko Retirement Home" and wanted Miki to join. Calling themselves The Port City Sisters, the two girls have fun performing. Yukie scolds Mikokoro for misleading Miki, but Miki admits that she didn't mind. Mikokoro says that even though she could become a real idol on her singing abilities and become rich, she'd much rather sing and make these people smile and that what she does can't be measured in money. While it annoys Yukie that Mikokoro won't take any major jobs, she plans to keep pestering Mikokoro into becoming an idol, and will be by her side no matter what.

She doesn't realize it at the time, but as Mikokoro gets more and more into the idol world, Tougouji Productions unit Devil Angel is targeting her as both a threat and an ally. Unit leader Reika Tougouji finds Mikokoro and decides to allow her to join Devil Angel under the promise of high pay. Mikokoro eventually agrees under the condition that the retirement home she volunteered at would get a good donation, but says that the unit's music is depressing. At THE iDOLM@STER GRAND PRIX entry announcements, Reika proclaims that there will be the addition of Sano Mikokoro onto the unit (causing the audience to go into an uproar over the recovery of the legendary idol).

As the competition goes on, Mikokoro says that volunteering at the retirement home gave her something every idol needs, but she won't reveal what it is to Reika. At the final competition, while the 765 Production idols perform their hearts out, the Devil Angel idols are shocked to see their rivals practically shining. Mikokoro finally reveals her secret: a stage surrounded by fans, and people who support and care for you. She also admits that she likes Lucky Angel's old music.

Spoilers End Here

Trivia and Fan Culture


  • Mikokoro's profile was revealed in Volume 2 of the relations manga as an idol introduction card in Reiko's hands.
  • She shares the same birthday with Iori Minase and Ryu Kimura.