Little Marching Band Girls

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Little Marching Band Girls
General Unit Data
Original Unit Name: Little Marching Band Girls (L.M.B.G.)
Translated Unit Name: Little Marching Band Girls (L.M.B.G.)
Unit Members: See Members table
Debuted in: THE iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls
Image songs: Hi-Fi☆Days

Little Marching Band Girls (L.M.B.G) is a unit that started off as a series of Rare cards named "Marching Band" (with few S Rare ones) in THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls. It is most known for their list of young idols who wear drum major-like costumes and are assigned an instrument or a band-related task.

In Starlight Stage, the unit was formed with different starting members. In addition to existing members Chie Sasaki and Kaoru Ryuzaki, the unit adds Momoka Sakurai, Nina Ichihara, and Miria Akagi as part of Starlight Stage's version of L.M.B.G., singing Hi-Fi☆Days. While Nina and Miria eventually got their own Marching Band cards in the original game, Momoka has never been to receive one (see trivia below).

The unit is led by Chie, both in the original game and Starlight Stage, as she is one of the first Marching Band cards (and a banner gacha SR) released in Mobamas.

Member List


Unit Costumes



  • With a total number of 20 idols, L.M.B.G. is the largest unit in Cinderella Girls, even bigger than CINDERELLA PROJECT (14 idols).
  • L.M.B.G.'s outfits, titled "Marching☆Melodies", was added to Starlight Stage on August 10, 2017 as a paid DLC outfit in the Dress Shop. Later on in the game, Kozue's outfit was added on July 9, 2019 and Nanami's was added on February 19, 2020.
  • Even though L.M.B.G. is meant for elementary and middle school aged girls, Wakaba (who is 20) was coerced into it because of her child-like build and because they wanted an adult supervisor. She is the oldest member of the unit.
  • Momoka, despite being part of Starlight Stage version of the unit, never had her own Marching Band card in the original Cinderella Girls game, and thus it is unclear what role she is involved in. She does, however, appear with her marching band outfit in Chie's Hi-Fi☆Days SR+ (which is a modified version of her Marching☆Major SR+ in Mobamas).
    • The closest card that represents or resembles a hypotethical Momoka's Marching Band card is her Mademoiselle Rose SR+ card in the original Cinderella Girls game, according to one of the clear files that was available in Ichibankuji CINDERELLA GIRLS Spring.
  • Rika Jougasaki and Haru Yuuki are the remaining 12 year old idols who are not members of L.M.B.G. as of Mobamasu’s end of service.
  • CuriouStar, a Starlight Stage unit, is made up completely of L.M.B.G. members except for Atsumi Munakata.



  1. For the sake of consistency, this wiki uses Momoka's Mademoiselle Rose SR card set as a placeholder until her proper Marching Band card is released.