Kotomi Aihara

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Kotomi Aihara
Kotomi Aihara Profile.jpg
Voice Actress Profile
Name: 藍原ことみ
Nickname: ことみん (Kotomin)
Birthplace: Aomori Prefecture, Japan
Birthdate: May 2, 1990
Age: 33
Height: 158 cm
Blood: O
Agency: Atomic Monkey
Occupations: Voice Actress,
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Kotomi Aihara (藍原ことみ Aihara Kotomi) is a Japanese voice actress from Aomori Prefecture, Japan and the voice for the Cinderella Girls idol Shiki Ichinose. She is represented by the talent agency Atomic Monkey.


Born May 2nd, 1990, Kotomi Aihara is a Japanese voice actress from Aomori Prefecture, Japan. She is signed to the talent agency Atomic Monkey.


  • Shiki was one of her first roles in her career as a voice actress. In an interview for Anime Expo 2018, Aihara states in reference that receiving the role as Shiki gave her exposure both professionally and through the character. It is due to Shiki that she has been able to really become the voice actress she is today.
  • While stating she isn't as gifted as Shiki, Aihara states she is quite similar to Shiki, in how she will relentlessly pursue anything that interests her or how she likes anything that’s fun. Her and Shiki share the same blood type (O) and aren't very picky about things.
  • Kotomi adores the unit Dimension-3 consisting of Shiki and Asuka. She and Asuka's voice actor Shiki Aoki share the same adoration. Before the release of the song Babel, Aihara wished that the duo would receive a song.