Idol Egg

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Idol Egg
General Unit Data
Original Name: アイドル EGG
Translated Name: Idol Egg
Members: Makoto Kikuchi
Yayoi Takatsuki
Production Agency: 765 Production
Debuted in: THE iDOLM@STER relations

Idol Egg (アイドル EGG) is a unit that appears in THE iDOLM@STER relations manga. Yayoi Takatsuki and Makoto Kikuchi are the members of this unit. This unit was created after the success if Miki Hoshii and Chihaya Kisaragi. It was later part of a merger with BLACK PRINCESS, D-Love, and Melt 'Chu Up! and formed the idol unit Namco Angel.


Despite debuting in solo careers, 765 PRO idols Makoto and Yayoi both started out as unranked idols. They eventually became F rank idols, but their solo careers were in major danger. As two of the most unpopular idols at 765 PRO, they decided to team up and form a unit. The duo struggled together as the unit "Idol Egg", and eventually made their way into a decent niche in the idol world. However, they found themselves under attack by Tougouji Productions, and the few jobs they had became virtually nonexistent.

As they try to defend themselves from the attacks and take on menial jobs, Makoto and Yayoi watch as THE iDOLM@STER GRAND PRIX gets closer. With Chihaya Kisaragi being the only member of 765 PRO who has been nominated to take place in the event, their unit is disbanded, and the former members become part of the ALLSTARS unit Namco Angel.


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