Houkago Climax Girls

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Houkago Climax Girls
Houkago Climax Girls Logo.png
General Unit Data
Original Name: 放課後クライマックスガールズ
Translated Name: After School Climax Girls
Unit Members: Kaho Komiya
Chiyoko Sonoda
Juri Saijo
Rinze Morino
Natsuha Arisugawa
Production Agency: 283 Production
Image songs: Yumesaki After school
Taiyou Kiss
Beach Braver
Yorimichi Sunset
Itsutsuza Ryuuseigun
Gakusai Kakumei Yoakemae
Climax Island
Haikei Time Capsule
Issen wa Kimi ga Michibiku
Cat Squad
Hanasaka Saisai
Zenryoku Answer‎
Himekuri Mosaic
Hadashi ja Irarenai
Unit Color:     

Houkago Climax Girls is one of the 8 units appearing on the game THE iDOLM@STER Shiny Colors.


"The climax of girls' day is their afterschool time!"

A full-powered idol unit where individuality and personality collide. The sight of these girls pushing forward on the path of idols with all their might is the proof of their "climax".
Fans, the producer, and even the whole world will all be taken by storm as the girls aim for the top of the idol world!!


Kaho Komiya Chiyoko Sonoda Juri Saijo Rinze Morino Natsuha Arisugawa
Kaho Shiny Colors.png Chiyoko Shiny Colors.png SCJuri.png Rinze Shiny Colors.png Natsuha Shiny Colors.png


In Game

CD Recordings


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  • In POPLINKS, all members of the unit share Ico rainbowPL.pngRainbow attribute.
  • They are the first team in the whole IDOLM@STER that are supports plastic bottle recycling campaign from the Japanese Ministry of Environment.