Frilled Square

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Frilled Square
Frilled Square.png
General Unit Data
Original Name: フリルドスクエア
Translated Name: Frilled Square
Members: Honoka Ayase
Shinobu Kudo
Yuzu Kitami
Azuki Momoi
Debuted in: THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls

Frilled Square is a unit formed in the THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls. It was formed due to the popularity of the friendship between Honoka Ayase, Shinobu Kudo, Yuzu Kitami and Azuki Momoi. Their unit is attributed to Pinyakorata (mostly because of Honoka) because of its frequent appearance in the unit member's cards and 4komas.


Frilled Square first appeared as a duo unit featuring Honoka and Shinobu. They first were seen together at a crane machine trying to get a prize where Shinobu is trying to guide Honoka on how to move the crane. Honoka misses her target and apologizes for her inexperience but Shinobu reassures her to try again. In the end, Shinobu was shocked by Honoka wanting a Pinyakorata plushie instead of the cute teddy bear behind it. The next time they are seen together, Honoka has honed her craft and now has bags full of stuffed animals. As a result, Shinobu tries to get as much as Honoka but has little success. Honoka gives some of her collection to Shinobu out of pity and she sets up a "Honoka zone" in her room.

On Honoka's day off, she meets Yuzu and Azuki and eats anmitsu with them. Yuzu and Azuki make plans to go to their favorite sweets shops with Honoka, but Honoka states that they would do as much lessons as food they've eaten. The pair conclude that doing everything in moderation is important. The next trio that is seen is Honoka, Shinobu, and Yuzu who go out after school to knit together. Yuzu notices how focused Honoka is and tries to divert her attention by stabbing Pinyakorata with a knitting needle. She screams Pinyakorata's name out loud and explains to Yuzu that "this and that" are two different things.

Since then, the four have been seen embarking on different adventures such as splitting a Baumkuchen cake, wearing matching Pinyakorata hats, posing Azuki like a model, and Honoka giving Yuzu extensive flexibility training for her "sexy" photoshoot.

Unit Costumes


  • Yuzu is currently the only voiced member of this unit.
  • They received their own Mobage Idol Produce event, "Frilled Square's Prism Fan Festa", with all members getting a new SR card and unit costumes for winning the 1st Annual Mobage Unit Election.


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