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The publicly hosted online manual of Donjara NEO: Cinderella Girls lists plenty of units that can be made with the 81 idol tiles. However, the official unit guidebook that came with the base set lists a few extra units that were not listed in the public manual. While players may opt to have house rules to play other units not listed in either the game manual or unit guidebook or use other special idol combinations, the game highly suggests against doing so since it can create balancing issues along with new units being formed as a result of content being continuously released for the Cinderella Girls franchise.

All of the following unit information is provided by the official unit guidebook from both the base and original set. There are total of 147 confirmed units in the base guidebook with 2 additional units from the additional guidebook that can be formed with idols from the base set. Some units will have their songs listed if applicable.

The origin of these units are broken down to the following designations:

Quintet Units

Quintet Units
Unit Name Origin Debut Date Members
Songs: Atashi Ponkotsu Android, Susume☆Otome ~jewel parade~
Deresute 9/25/2015
Yoi Otome
Song: Inochi Moyashite Koiseyo Otome
Deresute 12/31/2016
Love Yell
Song: With Love
Deresute 5/31/2017
Song: Tulip
Deresute 1/31/2016
Song: Love∞Destiny
Deresute 6/30/2016
Song: Sakura no Koro
Deresute 2/28/2017
Merry Terrors
Song: Home Sweet Home
Deresute 6/29/2021
Song: Sasanoha ni, Utakata ni.
Deresute 6/29/2022
Caper Parade
Deresute 10/20/2020
Song: Sweet Witches' Night ~Rokuninme wa Daare~
Deresute 1/31/2017
Song: Nothing but You
Deresute 4/30/2017
Song: Street Runway
Deresute 2/27/2022
Song: Junjou Midnight Densetsu
Deresute 5/31/2016
Azul Música
Songs: Nation Blue, Susume☆Otome ~jewel parade~
Deresute 10/19/2015
Song: Seizon Honnou Valkyria
Deresute 4/30/2016
Songs: Orange Sapphire, Susume☆Otome ~jewel parade~
Deresute 11/20/2015

Quartet Units

Quartet Units
Unit Name Origin Debut Date Members
Sonoritia Deresute 7/20/2020
COLOR☆BEAT Mobamas 10/31/2021
Selected Mobamas 9/6/2017
Flamme martini Deresute 8/19/2021
Wonder☆Sisters Mobamas 10/31/2019
Senshi Eikou Mobamas 5/31/2022

Trio Units

Trio Units
Unit Name Origin Debut Date Members
A mi manera Deresute 3/20/2022
Pinky Cute Mobamas 6/13/2013
Pink Check School (P.C.S) 2015 Anime 1/10/2015
new generations Mobamas 8/29/2013
397cherry Mobamas 1/30/2014
Colorful Santa Mobamas 12/18/2013
Sunshine Vacation Mobamas 4/30/2018
Milky Ganache Collection Mobamas 1/31/2019
Sakura Maihime Mobamas 3/31/2015
fleeting bouquet Mobamas 7/9/2020
CANDY ISLAND 2015 Anime 1/10/2015
Sakura Synchonicity Mobamas 4/8/2016
Salon de la Fée Mobamas 1/23/2019
Tougeki no Sanjoshin Mobamas 3/9/2017
142's Deresute 9/20/2020
Kawaii Boku to Yakyuu dosu e (KBYD) 2015 Anime 1/10/2015
Tatakau Otometachi Mobamas 8/17/2021
Variety Mermaid Mobamas 6/30/2014
Yukata Komachi Mobamas 9/26/2013
Happy Wedding Mobamas 6/17/2014
Origin Seeds Mobamas 3/9/2020
Miwaku no Poolside Mobamas 6/30/2016
MomoPearBerry Mobamas 12/9/2016
Oishii Aki Mobamas 9/30/2015
Hanazakari no Irodori Maid Mobamas 4/30/2017
Mellow Yellow Mobamas 3/20/2015
Ankoku Sanjuushi Mobamas 1/9/2016
Sky's The Limit Mobamas 5/14/2019
One Steps Mobamas 3/31/2015
Sirius Chord Deresute 9/17/2021
Dreamy Kingdom Mobamas 3/14/2018
#UNICUS Deresute 9/20/2022
Atarayoduki Mobamas 12/31/2018
Japonesque Mobamas 1/10/2017
Spooky Twilight Mobamas 9/30/2019
Paradise Heaven Mobamas 7/31/2019
individuals Mobamas 9/26/2013
COLOR☆FULL Mobamas 1/31/2021
Laugh and Fears Mobamas 1/30/2014
Sexy Gyarus Mobamas 8/29/2013
Massive Riders Mobamas 3/31/2014
Kaminari Mai Joutou Mobamas 5/31/2015
Shimo Twin Tail San Shimai Mobamas 1/31/2022
Petite*Parfairy Mobamas 5/31/2021
Beach Angel Mobamas 7/31/2016
Re:STARt Mobamas 8/16/2022
Triad Primus Mobamas 3/14/2013
Tranquil Whisper Mobamas 7/31/2016
LOVE LAIKA with Rosenburg Engel 2015 Anime 1/10/2015
Bishonure Summer Mobamas 7/31/2016
Dennou Keisatsu Execution Mobamas 6/21/2019
Melty Dark Temptation Mobamas 1/31/2020
Jersey Demo Sexy Deresute 5/9/2020
Idol Cinema Paradise Mobamas 12/9/2016
Burning Impluse Mobamas 7/31/2020
Threat Sign Deresute 2/17/2022
Positive Passion Mobamas 6/13/2013
3-9☆Days Mobamas 3/9/2017
Decoration 2015 Anime 1/10/2015
Sexy Guilty Mobamas 6/13/2013
Fav+rica Deresute 10/19/2022
B.B. Royale Mobamas 3/19/2014

Duo Units

Duo Units
Unit Name Origin Debut Date Members
SugarSugar☆Mi~n Mobamas 7/22/2015
MimiMimi☆Mimis Deresute 3/19/2019
Dimension-3 Deresute 3/20/2015
Peach Flavor Mobamas 10/31/2019
Lazy Lazy Mobamas 11//18/2014
Laughing Angel Mobamas 5/22/2018
Sola-iris Deresute 7/20/2022
TIP! TAP!/TRIP! FLAP! Mobamas 6/30/2018
Fortuna Regina Deresute 2/28/2021
VelvetRose Deresute 2/28/2019
Rozen Tears Mobamas 12/31/2021
Kawa Sweety na Boku Heart (Kari) Mobamas 10/31/2016
Hagoromo Komachi Mobamas 6/13/2013
Rêve Pur Deresute 7/30/2021
Girls Network Mobamas 1/31/2016
Dream Away Mobamas 3/14/2018
Sleepy Princess Mobamas 6/30/2018
MomoPear Mobamas 12/9/2016
MomoBerry Mobamas 7/31/2017
Miss Fortune Mobamas 3/31/2014
Miku-nyango Mobamas 1/31/2019
Indigo Bell Mobamas 6/17/2014
Immortal Challengers Mobamas 7/9/2018
Straight Flute Mobamas 1/31/2015
My-Style Revo Mobamas 6/30/2019
Naughty Gals Mobamas 8/14/2013
HappyHappyTwin Mobamas 4/25/2013
La-La-Lil Deresute 4/19/2022
* (Asterisk) 2015 Anime 1/10/2015
Sweet Lovers Mobamas 12/10/2013
Temptation Eyes Mobamas 1/30/2014
Grandierite Mobamas 10/31/2021
Howling Desire Mobamas 8/21/2017
LOVE LAIKA 2015 Anime 1/10/2015
Foreign Seaside Mobamas 6/27/2013
Ray Distance Mobamas 12/31/2017
Dark Illuminate Mobamas 6/17/2014
Hibi Tsuzuru Monogatari Mobamas 6/9/2020
BRIGHT:LIGHTS Mobamas 10/31/2018
Eldritch Loreteller Mobamas 8/21/2017
NIGHT ENCOUNTER Mobamas 3/20/2015
MYSTIQUES Mobamas 8/31/2014
Mysterious Eyes Mobamas 6/13/2013
Freedom Happiness Mobamas 12/31/2020
Rock The Beat Mobamas 6/13/2013
PearBerry Mobamas 10/31/2017
Red Berries Mobamas 11/18/2014
Dea Aurora Mobamas 11/18/2014
miroir Deresute 4/2/2019
Sanshi Suimei Mobamas 9/30/2015
COUNT/LAST Mobamas 9/18/2018
Suishou no Katarai Mobamas 8/21/2017
Gattling☆Beans Mobamas 1/31/2016
Beat Shooter Mobamas 8/31/2014
Leap Scorer Mobamas 1/31/2018
Ninbu☆Ryouran Mobamas 11/20/2013
Kika Festival Mobamas 1/31/2018
Flowery Mobamas 5/31/2015
Fuwatto Country Mobamas 10/31/2018
Familia Twin Mobamas 3/14/2013
Ai's Mobamas 1/9/2015
Psychic Energy Mobamas 8/31/2015
Psychic Heats Mobamas 10/10/2014
Generation of Summer Mobamas 1/30/2014
Yozakura Gensou Mobamas 3/31/2018