Dai-3 Geinou-ka

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Dai-3 Geinou-ka
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General Data
Original Name: 第3芸能課
Translated Name: Third Entertainment Division
Idols: Arisu Tachibana
Momoka Sakurai
Miria Akagi
Risa Matoba
Haru Yuuki
Chie Sasaki
Kaoru Ryuzaki
Nina Ichihara
Koharu Koga
Chika Yokoyama
Mai Fukuyama
Kozue Yusa
Yukimi Sajo
Debuted in: THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls U149
Image songs: Hi-Fi☆Days
Doremi Factory!
Shine In The Sky☆
Yorimichi Little Star
Zero to One!!
Good Day Good Night

Dai-3 Geinou-ka (第3芸能課, "Third Entertainment Division") is a section of an unnamed production agency consisting of idols under 149 centimeters in height (4'11") and age 12 or younger, managed by the Producer whose height is close to them. Members of the division are the central characters of THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls U149, on both continuities.

Storywise, as of Episode 11 of the anime, the unit is officially called "U149". Said name is also used previously for the group songs (such as Shine In The Sky☆) found in the anime even before Episode 11 began airing.


In the abandoned storage office of an unnamed Production company, 9 girls wait every day to become idols. They take lessons every day but with no news of debuting any soon… Until one day they get the notice they are getting a new Producer! What new adventures await Arisu Tachibana and her friends? Let's follow the story of these little idols and their little producer!


The initial lineup from Chapter 01 - "Third Entertainment Division 01" consists of Arisu Tachibana, Momoka Sakurai, Nina Ichihara, Kaoru Ryuzaki, Miria Akagi, Haru Yuuki, Risa Matoba, Chie Sasaki, and Koharu Koga. These lineup are confirmed to be in the anime series.

Starting from Chapter 22 - "Third Entertainment Division 04," Chika Yokoyama is added to the cast, and from Chapter 29 - "Nina Ichihara 02," Mai Fukuyama joins the main lineup. In Chapter 66 - "+Step 02," Yukimi Sajo and Kozue Yusa were added to the main cast. Said four members did not appear in the anime continuity until Episode 12, and were confirmed to join at the end of the episode.

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Chika Yokoyama Mai Fukuyama Kozue Yusa Koharu Koga Momoka Sakurai
Yukimi SS.png
Chie SS.png
Arisu SS Second Casual Outfit.png
Haru SS Second Casual Outfit.png
Yukimi Sajo Chie Sasaki Arisu Tachibana Haru Yuuki
Nina SS.png
Kaoru SS Second Casual Outfit.png
Miria SS Second Casual Outfit.png
Risa SS.png
Nina Ichihara Kaoru Ryuzaki Miria Akagi Risa Matoba

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