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General Unit Data
Unit Name: Beit
Translated Name: Beit
Members: Kyoji Takajo
Minori Watanabe
Agency: 315 Production
Debuted In: THE iDOLM@STER SideM
Unit Songs: Smile Engage
Fun! Fun! Festa!
Avenue Illusion!
Secret Ornament
My Dramatic Heroine
Platinum MASK
Unit Color:          

Beit is one of the 16 idol units of 315 Production. The unit is a trio consisting of former part-timers Kyoji Takajo, Pierre, and Minori Watanabe.


Beit is a unit with a prince theme, owing in part to one of the members, Pierre, being an actual prince, albeit the third in line. In addition to having all worked a part-time job, one thing all three members of Beit have in common is having problems with their families. After Pierre's father became ill, his two older brothers fought constantly over who would take the throne, and he was neglected, which is why he went to Japan. Minori's parents died when he was very young, and the uncle who took care of him in their place was also murdered when he was a teenager. Kyoji was rejected by his rich family for not getting into college, and then ran away. Because of this, Beit is considered to be like a family, and the members find the familial bonds they didn't have with their real families in each other.

In the drama tracks of their ST@RTING LINE album, Minori explains how the three of them first met. While working, Minori noticed a customer in a frog suit staring at his flowers. When he attempted to talk to him, he found that he was a foreigner, and after some communication struggles, he was very hungry. Minori took him to buy food at the convenience store where Kyoji was working, which was how Kyoji got involved. After that, the three of them became friends.

It was Minori who first suggested that Pierre become an idol as a way to make people smile. Pierre then invited Kyoji to join him, and eventually, they were scouted and became a unit.


"Happy Smile♪ Giving smiles to everyone♪"


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  • The unit name Beit is pronounced "baito" (バイト), a Japanese word for part-time jobs. Beit is also short for "arbeit", which is German for "working".
  • In POPLINKS, all idols of this unit shared the Dream attribute.

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