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346 Production
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346 Production (346プロ Mishiro Pro) is a fictional talent agency featured in the Cinderella Girls anime and THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Gravure For You!. It is a large and well-established talent agency- even including its own filming studio- with many actors, singers, and other talents. At the time the anime starts, it has produced many idols.



Cinderella Girls
Uzuki SS.png
Rin SS.png
Mio SS.png
Miria SS.png
Uzuki Shimamura Rin Shibuya Mio Honda Miria Akagi
Anastasia SS.png
Chieri SS.png
Ranko SS.png
Rika SS.png
Anastasia Chieri Ogata Ranko Kanzaki Rika Jougasaki
Riina SS.png
Minami SS.png
Anzu SS.png
Miku SS.png
Riina Tada Minami Nitta Anzu Futaba Miku Maekawa
Kanako SS.png
Kirari SS.png
Nana SS.png
Mizuki SS.png
Kanako Mimura Kirari Moroboshi Nana Abe Mizuki Kawashima
Natsuki SS.png
Sae SS.png
Miho SS.png
Mayu SS.png
Natsuki Kimura Sae Kobayakawa Miho Kohinata Mayu Sakuma
Mika SS.png
Kaede SS.png
Airi SS.png
Akane SS.png
Mika Jougasaki Kaede Takagaki Airi Totoki Akane Hino
Hina SS.png
Haruna SS.png
Chie SS.png
Sarina SS.png
Hina Araki Haruna Kamijo Chie Sasaki Sarina Matsumoto


In Game



  • 346 Production is a product of the 2015 anime continuity since the mobile game (and the Cinderella Girls brand to an extent) did not have a de facto production agency and relies on user-named Production clan.
    • It is heavily implied and speculated that the U149 anime's talent agency is 346 Production, as a cafe named "Mishiro Cafe" appears in Episode 10. 346 Production itself is never mentioned in-name.
  • While it has yet to be confirmed, it is assumed that most of the idols currently in the Cinderella Girls mobile game are part of this agency.
    • 346 Production's logo appeared on Ranko's [Nation Blue] SR background in Starlight Stage, one of few instances where 346 Production made appearance outside of the anime continuity and the G4U games.
  • 346 Production is the first agency in the series to not focus on idols. It is also the first to have divisions for other talents.
  • 346 is read as "Mishiro", meaning "beautiful castle".
  • The Gravure For You! series was the first game in THE iDOLM@STER series to label the cast from THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls as members of 346 Production.
  • In addition to filming and photo studios, 346 Production also has a dormitory off-site for idols who don't live in Tokyo. This is a nod to the Cinderella Girls mobile game, where extra idols can be "stored" in dorms.
  • The official color hex code for the 346 Production logo is #1B1B1B.


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