* (Asterisk)

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* (Asterisk)
Logo asterisk.png
General Unit Data
Original Name: * (Asterisk)
Members: Miku Maekawa
Riina Tada
Production Agency: 346 Production
Debuted in: Cinderella Girls (anime)
Image songs: ØωØver!!

* (Asterisk) is an idol unit that appeared in THE iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls anime. * (Asterisk) consists of the two idols: Miku Maekawa and Riina Tada. Their costume is called "Over the Color" (オーバー・ザ・カラー).

Unit Costumes

Unit Discography


  • These are the two color hex codes coming from the six-pointed star in the idol unit's logo:
  • Red: #E60012
  • Blue: #0068B7
  • Initially, the Producer simply puts the star mark which means the unit name is "pending". However, Chihiro Senkawa mistook it for "Asterisk", in which Miku and Riina agreed to use it as their unit name.
  • In the Cinderella Girls 6th Anniversary Survey, which results were posted here, Asterisk ranked 18th under the favorite units category.